The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 427 - No Need To Thank Me. Returning To The Mercenaries

Chapter 427 - No Need To Thank Me. Returning To The Mercenaries

"Stay laid down, no need to get up," Yun Jian said with a wave of hands.

It was only then Xu Zetian stopped himself from climbing up while Lin Wanru quickly helped her husband settle back down.

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"Thank you, Sister Jian!" Bedridden, Xu Zetian had naturally heard enough of what was being passed around, like how Yun Jian was the one who saved him, and how she had gone to Flying Passage alone to wipe the gang out and to take revenge for him.

The gratitude that currently filled Xu Zetian could not be put into words.

Back when Yun Jian asked for Falcon Hall, Xu Zetian had been hesitant. Coming to now, however, he shall be cursed to an atrocious death if he thought otherwise!

Yun Jian had really led Falcon Hall out of Longmen City! Falcon Hall was now Zhe Province’s second biggest mafia group! They had replaced the Flying Passage!

"No need to thank me," Yun Jian replied faintly.

Nonetheless, Xu Zetian could feel her sincerity.

She did not express it but she told others, as well as Xu Zetian, through her actions that she had already taken Xu Zetian as her own—and toward her own people, Yun Jian was always protective over her own people. Anyone who harmed her people would be annihilated!

"Have a good rest for now. Recuperate and recover properly before you go back to Falcon Hall," said Yun Jian.

"Mm!" Laid on the bed, Xu Zetian made a heavy nod.

He had come to Falcon Hall’s headquarters today with the company of his wife for Su Zifan to treat him.

Yun Jian had done a marvelous job of suturing him after the surgery, so Xu Zetian could walk with some assistance now. As long as he did not make too big of a movement, his wound would stay intact.

"Have a good rest then. I’ve passed your recent tasks to Duan Lei. I’ll be leaving before the Lunar New Year for some time but I’ll be back after that." Yun Jian had made subsequent arrangements with consideration.

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After another hum of knowledge from Xu Zetian, she turned to leave.

Exiting the headquarters, someone suddenly came up from the back, calling out for her.

Yun Jian saw Lin Wanru jogging up to her when she pivoted around.

"Young lady, you’re Yun Jian, right? Thank you! Thank you for saving my husband!" Lin Wanru was in her forties but she looked exceptionally young. It was not even an exaggeration for others to mistake her as a young lady in her twenties to thirties.

It was hard to imagine that this youthful looking woman who looked gentle and courteous was Xu Haozhe’s mother.

"I know that my husband’s thanked you just now, but I still would like to thank you again personally!" Keeping her eyes on Yun Jian, Lin Wanru looked sincere.

Yun Jian’s curled lips relaxed abruptly into a beam. Going along Lin Wanru’s words, she told the woman, "You’re welcome."

Leaving Falcon Hall, Yun Jian did not go home but had gone to Lan Su’s place to tell her that she would not be around for a few days before she headed to Qing You’s house.

Qing You was alone at home today. Yun Jian guessed that her brother, Yun Yi, had probably gone for tuition. He was hardworking, usually attending tuition during the winter break to improve his grades.

Scampering to open the door, Qing You grinned when she saw Yun Jian.

"Sister Jian, you’re here!"

"Mm, you are done packing?" asked Yun Jian.

"All ready! We can go anytime!" Qing You shook in excitement as she answered with a giggle.

Having already informed Qin Yirou with an excuse of her own, Yun Jian was now in her Ferrari sports car with Qing You zooming toward the nearest airport.

Gu Sha Mercenaries, Slaying God was coming back!

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