The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 428 - To Country M And Encountering A Girl

Chapter 428 - To Country M And Encountering A Girl

The headquarters of Gu Sha Mercenaries was located on a mysterious island in Country M. It was a globally renowned mercenary organization, so it was only a matter of course that the location of its headquarters was discreet.

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There was no direct ride nor transfer available to the Gu Sha’s headquarters. To arrive at the island, one had to cross an ocean from Country M.

When Yun Jian went back to the headquarters in her past life, she did so directly with a personal helicopter.

However, since those old guys had thought that something happened to her in addition that she had not been showing herself for so long, she did not want to return with a high profile. Instead, she wanted to catch them off guard.

After purchasing flight tickets to Country M at Hutuo Mountain Airport that was the closest to Longmen City, Yun Jian sat waiting at the departure lounge. Qing You had gone to buy some snacks while Yun Jian rested her eyes leisurely on the seats in the hall.

There were not many people waiting to board in the airport.

Flight tickets in 1998 cost quite a sum. Ordinary citizens rarely took the airplane, so the waiting passengers in the departure lounge were typically office executives in suits and leather shoes, rich housewives donned in extravagance and some students studying abroad.

Going a few years back, people who went on trips could only pick trains. That was the sole choice for speed and convenience to travelers.

Sitting in the waiting hall, Yun Jian heard a shrill female voice suddenly.

"Ah! You ran into me! Have you got eyes? Gosh! You even knocked my purse off. It’s Chanel, can you even afford the loss!"

Yun Jian pried her eyes open slightly.

Among the passersby, a rich lady in her twenties to thirties was bending down to pick up a luxury purse before loudly chastising a girl about eighteen or nineteen clad in a floral dress.

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"So—sorry!" The young girl was obviously taken aback before she bowed at the wealthy lady, looking intimidated.

Yun Jian’s interest melted away instantly. It had nothing to do with her.

Not a while later, Qing You skipped back carrying a box of popcorn. She pushed the snack in front of Yun Jian with a fawning grin. "Sister Jian, try it! It’s good. I had to line up in a long queue for it!"

With beaming eyes, Yun Jian picked up a kernel for taste.

The speakers in the lounge rang in the space then.

"Attention, passengers. We are beginning boarding for the flight to Country M, K City. Please proceed to the boarding gate..." A melodious voice of a female came out from the speakers.

Yun Jian swung her backpack over her shoulders and went to the gate with their boarding passes alongside Qing You who was carrying her popcorn.

Following the given instructions, Qing You took the window seat in the aircraft. As it was a row of three seats, there was an empty seat after Yun Jian sat in the center. She took a short break with her eyes closed when hurried footsteps were heard.

Feeling a weight colliding against her l.a.p, Yun Jian peeked her eyes open to see a girl in a floral dress speaking to her bashfully, "My luggage bumped into you just now. I’m sorry, are you okay?"

"I’m fine," Yun Jian answered with a press of lips.

The girl in the floral dress was the one who was scolded aloud by the rich lady in the departure lounge.

Receiving Yun Jian’s reply, the girl kept quiet.

The flight took off shortly, cruising past the ocean, and finally arrived in Country M after twenty four hours.

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