The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 43 - Bang, Headshot!

Chapter 43 - Bang, Headshot!

Faraway on a vantage point corresponding to a room’s window, the sniper who was fully dressed in fitting black clothes held onto his rifle as his dark eyes watched Yun Jian’s small form leap out.

Death seeker!

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The sniper chortled and adjusted the rifle in his grip, aiming at where Yun Jian was.

"Tss, tss, tss!"

Three continuous shots. The bullets were fired toward Yun Jian’s position from a high point.

The speed of the bullet was not visible to the eyes but posed no challenge to Yun Jian.

"Xiao Jian!" Without a second thought, Yun Yi wanted to charge out to protect his younger sister but Xu Haozhe kept a death grip on him.

In all honesty, Xu Haozhe wanted to do the same; this had happened because of him anyway.

When he saw Yun Jian’s deftness and reflected upon her agility that saved them from the first round of shooting, he hesitated.

If Yun Jian was not capable, how could she have sensed the shots and pulled them down to safety?

Quite the opposite, if he were exposed to the sniper, he would probably be shot to death without a struggle.

For this reason, they would become a burden to Yun Jian’s instead, whether it was him or Yun Yi who went out of hiding.

As the three bullets were fired, Yun Jian did not back down. She rolled across the floor holding the pistol whilst avoiding the shots. She then stood up to continue going closer to the window. – Until she was completely visible to the sniper.

Theoretically, this was easier for the sniper to kill her.

Would the outcome actually be so?

Was she unafraid of death? Or was she fully confident?

Xu Haozhe frowned.

When Yun Yi saw the bullets brushing past his baby sister once again before lodging into the floor, his heart nearly stopped beating from the brimming anguish.

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What surprised him further was that Xiao Jian had avoided the round of firing! The sniper was shooting bullets, it was no game!

"F.u.c.k!" The sniper who was hidden at the best vantage point could not help cursing when he saw how easily Yun Jian had avoided his strafing, even whilst standing where she was the most easily to be shot.

Was the girl even eighteen yet? She had evaded his ambush!

More crucially, she dared expose herself. Was she hinting to him that he could not kill her?

Angered, the sniper readjusted his aim; his pointer finger went to the trigger, about to end Yun Jian.


The sound of a gunshot that the sniper was more than familiar with reverberated. He looked up abruptly to see the girl standing at the window withdrawing her pistol with a sly grin.

With a plop, the sniper collapsed on the floor in the next second, killed by a headshot.

Yun Jian had used a mere pistol in shooting the sniper!

Xu Haozhe stood in hiding but he could see the scene clearly. He suppressed the shock that was tremoring through him despite shaking uncontrollably.

His eyes must not have been mistaken!

It was one shot! Yun Jian had lifted her arm and gunned down the sniper some distance away!

Counter-shooting a sniper? Xu Haozhe was sure that he had never heard of something as bizarre as this before.

"Bang, blasted the head." Dropping the pistol, Yun Jian’s lips were pressed together and pulled into an eerie angle.

There was no hint of fear or anxiety that came from killing a person from her expression.

Just the opposite, Xu Haozhe and Yun Yi saw a sense of default on Yun Jian’s face as if she had always been such a person.

Yun Yi let out a huge breath of relief when he saw that Yun Jian was unscathed before he frowned slightly.

Was this brutal Xiao Jian still his baby sister of the past?

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