The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 430 - Trouble At The Beach, Members From Gu Sha

Chapter 430 - Trouble At The Beach, Members From Gu Sha

Yun Jian had been on the receiving end of such a gaze countless times, whether it was in her previous life or after her rebirth. She could care less about it.

"Right, it’s Yun Jian and Qing You dearies first time on a holiday here? Want me to guide you around?" Zhang Ziyuan, who was done joking around with his friends, snuck over to Yun Jian and Qing You to ask and even gave them a term of endearment.

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According to Hua Meiling, her group of friends studied abroad in K City’s college in Country M. She had come alone this time to travel, and Zhang Ziyuan and the others who had stayed here studying for some time naturally took up the responsibility as hosts to welcome their friend.

"No need," Yun Jian refused decisively with a press of lips.


Although Zhang Ziyuan picked up both Yun Jian and Qing You just now, he was favoring Yun Jian. When he heard her immediate rejection, he was slightly stunned.

"Our K College’s class topper gets rejected by girls too huh!" A guy in the group quipped just in time.

Right after that, Yun Jian could clearly feel the murderous eyes of Fan Weiwei zeroing in on her.

It was then the group of young guys and girls realized that what the guy said earlier was not appropriate. Zhang Ziyuan’s girlfriend, Fan Weiwei, was just beside them!—And he said that still.

In spite of it, Zhang Ziyuan did not seem to mind. He even invited Yun Jian and Qing You again only for Yun Jian to reject him once more.

People were always after what they could not have. For a moment, Zhang Ziyuan’s interest in Yun Jian was piqued.

Each of them boarded the ferry toward Hafei Island at the harbor, each entertaining their own thoughts.

Hafei Island was a famous scenic tourist location, so it was teeming with people.

"Sister Jian, are we heading straight back to the organization or?" Arriving at Hafei Island, Qing You went to whisper at Yun Jian’s ears while Hua Meiling and her friends were away enjoying the view.

"We go back directly," Yun Jian answered without hesitation.

She was not here for a vacation nor was there a need to tour around with Hua Meiling and her friends.

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Just when Yun Jian said that, Hua Meiling who was ahead of them called out, "Yun Jian, Qing You, come on. Why are you standing there?"

With narrowed eyes, Yun Jian and Qing You went to catch up with them.

Hafei Island was a pretty big island with an expansive stretch of beach. Since it was winter now, there were fewer people swimming in the sea, not to say there were none.

Yun Jian and Qing You were thinking to excuse themselves now having followed the youths to this side of the island. Hua Meiling and her friends were already fooling around on the beach.

It was then that a loud bang of a gunshot was heard.

Everyone was shocked.

Then, they saw a huge ship coming ashore.

The side of the cruise was printed with a unique skull shape—the symbol of Gu Sha Mercenaries!

Feeling a violent twitch in her eye, Yun Jian’s lips were pressed together.

Hua Meiling’s oblivious voice came from the side. "Huh, what’s that sound just now? This ship is so odd. Why is there a skull on it?"

The staircase was lowered onto the ground from the ship and an unusually dressed man descended gripping a Browning pistol. He had a large entourage behind him and all these people had the unique skull sign on their wrists.

Tourists who were currently on the beach screamed when they spotted the man who appeared out of the blue with a gun.

"Ah... a gun! He has a gun!" gasped someone.

Before the person could finish the sentence, the man with the Browning pistol had shot them with a bang.

He was treating life like it was trash.

Hua Meiling and her friends paled from the terror while Yun Jian who stood behind them had her brows locked in a deep frown.

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