The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 431 - Come Over. Yun Jian’s Attack

Chapter 431 - Come Over. Yun Jian’s Attack

The person who screamed just now was mercilessly killed by this man with a gun!

Hua Meiling and her peers had never encountered such a situation. Hands flying to cover their mouths, they dared not make another sound.

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The crowd was bubbling into a chaotic mess as those who had faster reflexes turned to flee.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The man with the Browning pistol ruthlessly shot them down. He shot those who screamed and those who ran. For a moment, everyone was shell-shocked by the sudden turn of events and was engulfed in terror.

Who was this man? How could he kill people in broad daylight?!

These were thoughts blaring in everyone’s mind while they simultaneously regretted ever coming here today.

That man was holding a pistol in his hand! A real gun! He was openly shooting and killing people!

"People, people, don’t blame my bullets if you continue your escape!" shouted the man with the Browning pistol as he opened fire on several foreigners.

It was as if killing someone was as easy as eating or sleeping to him.

’A devil!’ Hua Meiling and her friends murmured in their minds before they shuddered in terror.

The man had spoken in English but that was not a barrier to Hua Meiling and friends, neither to Yun Jian and Qing You.

In a matter of seconds, everyone on the beach was shaking in fright, afraid to be the next one killed while trying to hide behind their companions.

"Sister Jian, he’s Saibeier, Tulige’s underling, ranked thirty-first in the organization," Qing You went closer to Yun Jian and spoke next to her ear.

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Tulige was one of the frequently mentioned old men in Gu Sha Mercenaries. He had his share of influence in Gu Sha and was the most loyal subordinate of Gu Sha’s ex-boss.

The man with the gun, Saibeier, was his underling, thus he was also Yun Jian’s internal enemy.

When Zhang Ziyuan saw Yun Jian and Qing You sticking together, he thought that they were terrified. Going to the extent of abandoning his girlfriend, Fan Weiwei, he went to Yun Jian and told her—Qing You tagged along, "Don’t be scared, I’m here!"

Noting that Zhang Ziyuan was coming over, Qing You stopped talking to Yun Jian. It only served to make the young man think that both of them were scared and spread his arms to hide them behind himself.

It coincidentally hid Yun Jian and Qing You from Saibeier’s gaze.

Said man scanned the area and turned more pompous when he saw how everyone was looking back at him in fear.

"You! Come over!" Catching a glimpse of Hua Meiling in her floral dress, Saibeier hooked his finger at her with a salacious gaze.

Ranked thirty-first in Gu Sha, Saibeier was an incredibly l.e.w.d man.

Hua Meiling was petrified, shaking her head fervently as she stood rooted and even shrunk into herself nervously.

It enraged Saibeier.

"Woman, it’s your honor that I ask you to come over! Learn to appreciate it, b*tch!" Saibeier growled but did not kill her since he had yet to lay his filthy fingers on her. Stalking to where Hua Meiling was, he tried to capture her.

Hua Meiling was paralyzed with fear, flinching toward Fan Weiwei who was behind her.

There was a sudden gleam in Fan Weiwei’s eyes as she thought begrudgingly that Yun Jian and Qing You were witches Hua Meiling had brought over. Stealing her heart, she pushed Hua Meiling toward Saibeier.

Just as the corner of Hua Meiling’s clothes was within Saibeier’s grip, a swift shadow flashed past them.

Saibeier’s claws that were stretched toward Hua Meiling were suddenly struck by Yun Jian with a chop that broke his wrist. She then swung a kick on his abdomen so strong that Saibeier was flung away and landed with a thump as everyone else watched with their hearts in their mouths.

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