The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 433 - Let Me See Who’s So Bold—Old Man’s Here

Chapter 433 - Let Me See Who’s So Bold—Old Man’s Here

Qing You was also a member of Gu Sha Mercenaries, a high-ranking one at that.

If her individual martial prowess was taken into account, she might not even be ranked in Gu Sha but her ability to administer poison was far more outstanding than Snake.Lizard who was Gu Sha’s elite!

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Furthermore, Qing You was trained by Snake.Lizard herself and more importantly, she was someone who stuck by the side of Gu Sha’s boss!

Hence, her position was ineffable.

As for Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss, it was not just ordinary people who had never seen her, even Saibeier had not the chance to meet her.

Other than a handful of subordinates Yun Jian wholeheartedly trusted, Gu Sha’s high-ranking executives had never seen her true face.

In her past life, Yun Jian wore a skin mask each time she met the executives or the old men in Gu Sha. Every time, the face on the mask was a different one. That was why those old men had no idea what she looked like in her previous life even now.

Yun Jian’s height was more or less the same in both lives, so she was not worried about being discovered that she was rebirthed.

This was where the mystery of Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss lay within.

Back to the current picture, Saibeier was disconcerted when he saw Qing You.

Qing You’s place in Gu Sha was one that Saibeier could not afford to offend!

"You... Why are you here?" Saibeier’s attitude turned one-eighty immediately. He had even gone to Qing You and bowed when he asked the question.

Hua Meiling, Fan Weiwei, Zhang Ziyuan, and their friends were astounded when they saw Saibeier’s reaction. The other tourists were also flummoxed.

Everyone was staring, jaws dropped, at Qing You and Saibeier who was suddenly respectful in front of her.

Who was this little girl? How could she turn Saibeier who had been savage and arrogant just now to her becks and calls?

"Bastard, you don’t deserve to know when you’ve offended someone I respect the most!" Qing You raised her hand and landed a hard slap on Saibeier’s face.

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Everyone s.u.c.k.e.d in a cold breath.

They had seen how Saibeier shot people to death just now—he was a devil.

Those people who he had killed did not even do anything, innocent at their deaths.

Now, Qing You was slapping him!

Yet, Saibeier was not angered. He was not only taking it all in, he was apologizing to Qing You profusely.

This was how hierarchy worked in Gu Sha Mercenaries.

Saibeier dared not be brash because Qing You’s rank was higher than his in Gu Sha! It would be a walk in the park for Qing You if she wanted to kill him.

Just when everyone thought that the incident was coming to an end, a melodic but indifferent voice spoke up, "Kill him."

Tracing their eyes to the source of the voice, everyone saw Yun Jian uttering the words in nonchalance—words that put all of them in a numbing ring of distress/

Even Saibeier was befuddled. Who was she to decide his life and death?

Qing You obeyed with a lowered gaze. When she looked at Saibeier with a side-eye, it was like she was looking at the dead.

Saibeier was shaken by Qing You’s gaze.

He knew who she was. She was an expert in poisoning. Her creations of poison could even turn flesh and blood into bones in an instant.

This was one of the main reasons he was scared of her!

"Kill who? Let me see who’s so bold!" The loud whir of a helicopter’s rotors took over the air above them as an old man around his fifties hopped off from it directly.

This man was the underling of Gu Sha’s ex-boss, Tulige.

Saibeier was his man and he was one of the old men mentioned.

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