The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 434 - Ousting. The Mercenaries

Chapter 434 - Ousting. The Mercenaries

Tulige was an old man within the bracket of fifty to sixty years old. He had a menacing face that was visibly not any better looking during his youth. Even when he was much older now, his appearance had still disturbed the crowd on the beach at once.

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Especially when he descended his private chopper, he looked exactly like the villain in movies.

Hua Meiling, Zhang Ziyuan, Fan Weiwei, and others stood stupefied. It was not just them, the rest on the sandy beach were all numbed with fear.

That was because not long after Tulige’s appearance, a big mob of men dressed in black uniforms holding machine guns in their hands swarmed the vicinity.

On the exposed area above their wrists, there was a unique skull emblem there that unnerved one who saw it. The majority of those on the beach could not identify the significance of the logo but their instinct toward danger instilled fright within them once they saw the marking.

"Elder Tulige!" Saibeier was elated to see his senior coming to his rescue. He was unafraid of Qing You promptly as he took his place beside Tulige.

Tulige had been in Gu Sha much longer than Qing You had. Even when they shared the same rank, Tulige’s influence in Gu Sha was a notch better than Qing You’s.

Qing You stood her place beside Yun Jian as both sides began to stare each other down.

Tulige was openly glaring at Yun Jian. His aged face that looked like centipedes were peppered around was as intimidating as it was spooky.

However, Tulige sensed a terrifying aura from Yun Jian the moment he studied her. It unsettled him as he had only felt such a vibe from one person before!

According to what he knew, that person would not be here as she had long disappeared.—Back when Slaying God disappeared, Tulige had sent people out for a large-scale search just to find her. The news that he received was that the men who returned had only managed to find Slaying God’s favorite sports car, the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The owner had just vanished out of thin air! No one had ever seen her then!

For the last half a year, she had never shown herself. To disappear for no reason for as long as half a year, being in the profession they were, it only meant one thing.

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The only explanation was that she was dead!

Tulige and his colleagues who came to this conclusion had nothing more to fear and they were increasingly edgy nowadays.

Since that woman was dead, Gu Sha Mercenaries should no longer be run by her people!

Hence, Tulige’s underlings were beginning to blatantly ignore Gu Sha’s stated rules.

He wanted to overthrow the authority and become the reining leader instead.

"Who are you?" Smacking his lips together, Tulige’s squinted eyes were laced with killing intent as he asked Yun Jian.

"Tulige, you’re unqualified to know!" Qing You spat on behalf of Yun Jian after a glance at the man.

Yun Jian merely narrowed her eyes.

"Tulige? Is he the Elder Tulige from the top international mercenaries, Gu Sha Mercenaries?" A deep mature voice of a man sounded with audible shock and terror.

Once the man spoke, everyone else caught on.

A mercenary organization’s purpose was to kill! They were the best internationally!

All of their eyes were blown wide. Hua Meiling and her friends stared at Tulige and his escort in panic before turning to look at Yun Jian, worry tinting their gaze.

These were mercenaries. Was Yun Jian trying to kill herself by fighting them?

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