The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 435 - Ally Support—Tiger.Leopard’s Appearance

Chapter 435 - Ally Support—Tiger.Leopard’s Appearance

Hua Meiling and her friends were college students with Zhang Ziyuan, Fan Weiwei, and the rest studying here in Country M.

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They had never seen such a terrorizing scene.

When Saibeier shot a bunch of people just now, they already felt their legs turning into jelly. What was more, their jelly legs could hardly support them now when they heard that Saibeier and Tulige were people from a top international mercenary organization.

Like what the movies showed, underground mercenaries like them were all devils who killed without a bat of an eye. Human lives were nothing to them!

The tourists were shaking now, chills running down their spines.

It was highly possible that none of them could leave here alive today. They knew this much from how Saibeier opened fire at the public just now.

Goodness! If they had known that they would encounter such terror like this today, they would never have come for their holidays in Hafei Island!

It was impossible to turn back time.

While what the mature male voice said had alarmed the civilians, Tulige and Yun Jian who were staring at each other were unfazed.

Yun Jian’s slightly curled lips quirked up a little in the next second, blooming into a stunning smile. She had not expected to bump into Tulige and gang here in Hafei Island nor had she guessed that Tulige and the old folks were already impatiently oblivious to Gu Sha’s rules and made a scene outside just half a year into her disappearance.

Gu Sha Mercenaries had explicitly stated that members were prohibited from killing people in public for no reason.

Doing so would not only attract the attention of the police, it would only invite more trouble when they go head-to-head with the Interpol.

She had only been gone for half a year but Tulige was turning a blind eye at Gu Sha’s rules!

"Tulige, good on you!" Yun Jian gritted her teeth and smirked sharply, speaking her first sentence to Tulige.

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The meaning of it was perplexing but Tulige felt a tiny twitch in his eye. It was just a little girl and she bore a slight resemblance to Slaying God, but so what?

Tulige was determined to believe that Yun Jian had died. While he had never seen Yun Jian’s real face in her past life, he could more or less feel that woman’s presence.

Moreover, Slaying God was one who survived through a cutthroat environment. This girl in front of him was pretty and delicate with fair dainty hands.

It was impossible for Slaying God who held weapons all year long to possess such clean and bright little hands!

Even when Qing You was standing beside her, Tulige had never thought Yun Jian to be his Gu Sha boss, Slaying God.

"Yes I’m good, but little girl, you! You won’t be doing good!" Tulige cackled, his gaze on Yun Jian piercing and brutal.

No matter who this young girl was, she must die!

Tulige laughed and waved his hand, gesturing to his underlings who manned the machine guns. It was a command for them to open fire, killing everyone there including Yun Jian and Qing You!

The split second while Tulige was gesturing his order, a speeding sports car skidded to a halt in front of everyone.

The car was swift like lightning as it flashed past in front of the crowd before it parked itself at Yun Jian’s side.

Tss! The car tires hissed from the abrupt motion.

Two people alighted the vehicle—one was large and muscly, towering close to two meters, while another was voluptuous, fitted into a black form-fitting garment.

The former was Tiger.Leopard who Yun Jian had contacted when she was just rebirthed while the latter was Snake.Lizard who had made her appearance a while earlier.

When both of them hopped off the car, they went to Yun Jian and called out respectfully, under everyone’s hot gaze, "Sister Jian!"

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