The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 439 - Her Bloodthirstiness And The Extermination

Chapter 439 - Her Bloodthirstiness And The Extermination

Holding the butterfly knife, Yun Jian slowly made her way to Saibeier who was laying on the ground and on the brink of death as well as Tulige who had lost all his conceitedness.

With her fair hand gripping the butterfly knife, her long silhouette was shown.

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At least, from Hua Meiling and her friends’ eyes, her tall and powerful posture was clearly reflected.

This Yun Jian was not the least bit like she had been. This Yun Jian right now looked like a devil from hell!

"Is she—is she really going to kill them?" Hua Meiling’s perturbed voice rang weakly with a deep sense of trepidation laced in it.

Hua Meiling was not the only one reacting this way. Zhang Ziyuan, as well as Fan Weiwei who had been hostile to Yun Jian, were speechless in terror.

"Old thing, anything to say before your death?" Yun Jian spun the butterfly knife around her fingers lithely as she asked Tulige.

"Hahaha!" Tulige who avoided the machine gun strafing just now was battered. His clothes were tattered from the abrasion but he was still guffawing in malice.

What happened just now was a ranking of bullets. No matter how good Tulige was, he had been shot plenty of time. He had just managed to deflect being shot where it would be fatal.

Nonetheless, Tulige knew how capable Slaying God was. He did not even stand a chance!

"Slaying God, despite our grudges, you’re the best I’ve met in this lifetime! But I, Tulige, am no weakling. I will not leave myself at your mercy!"

It came out as a roar from Tulige. Right after that, he pulled out a silver pistol from his h.i.p.s and perched it on his temple, ending his life in a loud bang.

"Ah!" Some among the crowd screamed at the sight.

Bathing in the sunlight, Yun Jian’s beauty was stunning but there was no ruffle of expression on her face regarding the man’s death.

It was as if someone irrelevant had died before her.

During this moment, it felt like she had gone back to her past life when lives did not mean much to her.

She pressed her lips together slightly before telling Snake.Lizard and the other two behind her, "Kill Saibeier and follow me back to the organization."

Looking at Yun Jian who was surrounded by her entourage, Hua Meiling and friends felt, for the first time, the distance between them and Yun Jian. Zhang Ziyuan could no longer describe his terror as shocking now. He was just thankful he did not step over the line and offended Yun Jian.

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An eerie island lay hidden in the ocean dozens of kilometers away from Hafei Island.

This island was huge with a thick canopy and an expansive area of jungle camouflaging the buildings deep inside it.

When beams of sunlight poured occasionally, gigantic unique skull markings could be seen on the walls of these buildings.

This was the headquarters of Gu Sha Mercenaries!

As it was hidden in the deeper part of the forest, it was hardly discoverable.

Right now, a group of old men in their forties and fifties were gathering in one of the larger buildings. A heated discussion was in place.

"Slaying God’s been missing for half a year now. It’s mostly a bad end for her! Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard are tough to handle but as long as we work together, we can take over Gu Sha once again!"

"Yes! Slaying God’s kept Gu Sha for so long, it’s time she gives it back!"


The group was fervent as they planned their insurgence.

It was exactly because Slaying God had gone missing for half a year that they had dared act so boldly.

Otherwise, these old antiques dared not even make the slightest sound when Slaying God was still around.


The door was broken open instantly as Tiger.Leopard and Snake.Lizard were seen escorting a young girl inside.

They watched as the young girl tossed a package on the floor as she chuckled softly and said, "Elders, it’s been a while. I heard that you have been especially missing me!"

The parcel rolled around twice on the floor before the content was exposed—it was a bloody head.

A few of the elders stood up in shock as they gasped, "Tu...Tulige!"

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