The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 44 - Someone Called The Police. A Welcoming Party

Chapter 44 - Someone Called The Police. A Welcoming Party

Yun Yi could not help but be suspicious of Yun Jian.

Since he went back home the last time, Xiao Jian had been acting strangely.

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There was the phone call in Xinjiang Town’s shop and her inexplicable skills, too.

If it were not for Yun Jian’s appearance remaining the same, he questioned if she had switched souls with someone else.

Ultimately, Yun Yi chose to hold himself back from asking.

He chose to believe in his younger sister. Even if something had changed, he believed that Xiao Jian would tell him one day!

Likewise, Yun Jian realized Yun Yi’s change but she did not point it out, also deciding to skip explaining.

She had nothing to say, honestly, as she could not explain it to Yun Yi.

If she had not done something just now, were they just going to wait for their doom?

This was not her.

Yun Jian turned around to speak to Xu Haozhe, "The Dragon Head Gang will take care of the sniper’s body right?"

"Huh... Mm, yes." Xu Haozhe replied hastily after a beat, still caught in a stupor.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded with a hum and smiled. "But it looks like we have no luck to enjoy this feast."

Xu Haozhe and Yun Yi were baffled again.

"What do you mean?" Xu Haozhe asked in a trance.

"Someone called the police. And they’re here, downstairs," answered Yun Jian.

"How do you know?!" It came out as an exclamation from Xu Haozhe.

They did not hear anything from downstairs and Yun Jian was here with them. How could she know what was happening there?

"I heard it." Yun Jian smiled and continued. "Follow me, we’ll leave through the backdoor."

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She then led the way.

Up till they had left through the four-star hotel’s backdoor, Xu Haozhe and Yun Yi were both still stupefied.

Countless questions bubbled within them, the most vital one being why was Yun Jian so familiar with the backdoor here.

Xu Haozhe was a regular guest here but even he did not know where the backdoor of the hotel was. Why was Yun Jian clear about the route?

If Yun Jian knew of their thoughts, she would grin without a doubt.

The reason she was excellent with investigations, reverse tracking, and hiding was due to her strong sense of observation. For example, how would she hide, escape, or counter kill someone if she encountered an emergency?

These were the necessary courses of a secret agent.

That was why she had analyzed her surroundings once she stepped foot into the hotel just now.


The trio did not expect to run into an incident earlier but Xu Haozhe had still insisted to foot the bill for their meals.

After lunch, Yun Jian took the bus back home.

She actually had nothing much to do in Longmen City. Some things were not urgent, like the business she proposed to set up earlier.

Yun Jian arrived home around three-thirty in the afternoon and saw Li Xiangyi standing dumbly at her door.

Puzzled, Yun Jian went to him.

"Wow, Yun Jian, you’re finally home! After some painstaking effort, I found your house only to hear your neighbor say that your entire family isn’t around! I’ve been waiting for you for close to half an hour now!" Li Xiangyi could not help grumbling when he saw Yun Jian.

No one home? Qin Yirou was not home?

Yun Jian was slightly at a loss.

"What’s up?" Yun Jian asked, looking at Li Xiangyi before her.

"Oh, so the basketball team plans to throw you a mini welcoming party tonight. It’s at the newly opened bar in town. I’m here to inform you."

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