The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 440 - It’s A War—Striking First To Gain The Upperhand

Chapter 440 - It’s A War—Striking First To Gain The Upperhand

The elders of Gu Sha Mercenaries had never seen how their boss, Slaying God, actually looked like. Every time she appeared, she donned different looks and identities, and she never stayed for long.

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All Gu Sha’s elders or high-ranking executives knew was that Slaying God’s skills were nonpareil!

When Yun Jian had tossed Tulige’s head in front of these old men, all their minds supplied them were two words—Slaying God!

Only Slaying God was this wild and arrogant and only for Slaying God would Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard escort her back to Gu Sha like this!

"Slay...Slaying God!" an elder exclaimed.

Other than Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard, these elders in Gu Sha were aides of the ex-boss, people who were constantly devising how to kill Yun Jian.

It was apparent that they had not expected Yun Jian to come back alive when she had disappeared for half a year because there was usually only one outcome for anyone in this career to go missing for more than half a year—dead!

Even the secret agents and assassins topping the international charts were automatically assumed to be dead once they were not heard of in a year and the ranking would be renewed.

Life and death were something no one in this career could be sure of.

"Why are all of you so agitated? Do you welcome my return so much? That’s a surprise to me," Yun Jian snorted, leading Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard to go around Tulige’s head that stained the floor with dried blood to go in front to the seat that only the best was qualified to take.

The elders underneath dared not say a thing. All of them were inwardly frantic.

Slaying God was not dead!

Yun Jian’s fingers ran along the long surface of the table and sat on a stool by it.

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"It’s time we settle our score now." Yun Jian rapped twice on the table with two of her fingers as she chuckled, her grin looking like an innocent dainty girl.

The elders felt their hearts lurch.

"Conspiring with the Inferno Ring to abduct my younger brother is your grand gift to my half a year ago!" Yun Jian’s gaze turned piercing.

She made a slap on the table as she stood up speaking, her sharp eyes scanning the vicinity.

Inferno Ring was the mastermind behind her younger brother’s death in her previous life but she knew that these old men in front of her had to do with it as well.

Now that her younger brother was rebirthed like her, it was something Yun Jian was ever grateful for. However, she was going to take revenge for the trauma and torture that her baby brother had to go through!

"Now, now, any last words, elders?" Yun Jian’s piercing gaze swept down and when it went back up to pin the elders, she looked like she was looking at a bunch of dead men.

Yun Jian had long planned to expose them coming back this time.

The elders widened their eyes and finally, an old man about sixty years old stepped up.

The name of this elder was Buba.

Now that the fallout happened, Buba stopped pretending. He sneered, "Hah, Slaying God, we’ll let you know too that we’ve teamed up with big assassin organizations and have surrounded this place! Last words? Heh, we’re directing it back to you!"

Since strife was decided, Buba retrieved a gadget from his pocket and pressed the rescue button on it. This was an SOS gadget he had requested for when he collaborated with the other assassin organizations.

Once the button was pressed, Gu Sha’s island would be besieged by the hiding assassin organizations whom they were working with!

Since Slaying God was the one to challenge them first, they would strike first to gain the upperhand!

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