The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 441 - Anticipating. My Girl

Chapter 441 - Anticipating. My Girl

Yun Jian’s long eyelashes fluttered as her lips quirked up slightly at the sight of Buba pressing the rescue button.

"Oh, that’s all?" Yun Jian grinned, arching a brow.

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The airy tone of hers did not reflect the fret that someone who was at a disadvantage should have.

There was a small frown on Buba but he thought scornfully, ’She’s just bluffing!’

He had already united forces with various bigshot assassin organizations and mercenaries, even the top assassin group worldwide, An Hun Group, had agreed to partner up!

Ha-ha, he would love to know how Slaying God could survive this time!

Buba was going to lead everyone in destroying her legendary feat today. Slaying God? They were going to bring an end to her!

So what if Slaying God was divinely skilled? Could she have defied logic and fought all of them singularly without any backup?

"I’m anticipating it!" Yun Jian sat back down on her seat nonchalantly, her gaze steady on the old geezers with a sudden flash of glint.

The murderous intent was pooling in her eyes.

The elders dared not make a move when Yun Jian stayed still. No one dared question the abilities of Slaying God.

Yet, these elders were all known names in the international scene. If outsiders were to witness the sight—a bunch of globally known bigshots sitting here in full attention and watching a carefree girl on the stool in alertness, how jaw dropping must such a scene be!

Those who knew what was going on would have thought otherwise, however, since the girl seated on the stool was Slaying God!

Tap, tap, tap...

A clatter of footsteps came from the door.

Buba kept his eyes on Yun Jian but delight bloomed in his c.h.e.s.t. His support was here!

All the elders were elated. Their gazes on Yun Jian now a hard glare like they were going to devour her alive.


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The door that was shut just now was broken open once more. This time, the people coming through were the leaders of the assassin organizations.

Buba walked over in glee to exchange pleasantries with them before turning around and staring daggers at Yun Jian alongside the other elders.

"Slaying God, piss down from there if you know what’s good for you! Otherwise... cough, don’t blame us for being rude!" Buba scowled at Yun Jian. With these assassin organizations backing him up, Buba and the other old men were flagrant instantly.

"Hah," Yun Jian scoffed with a press of lips.

Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard remained stationary behind her as they only obeyed her command. Yun Jian was not making any advances, so they stayed put.

"Bravo, bravo! Slaying God, since you insist on being stubborn, don’t say we didn’t warn you!" Buba hissed and was about to encircle Yun Jian with his ally.

"Let me see who dares do it!" Another voice came from the door.

There was a flicker in Yun Jian’s eyes when she heard the male voice.

Shifting her gaze, she saw Ya Dang coming in donned in a suit. It was obvious that he was here representing An Hun.

Everyone present was well aware of An Hun’s standard. That was a presence far more menacing than Gu Sha!

They were reverent at once while Buba stepped over with a lowered head to bow at Ya Dang dutifully. "Lord Ya Dang, you’re here."

The best assassin organization that he had invited was here to support him! Buba spat in his mind, ’Slaying God, you’re dying today by hook or by crook!’

Lo and behold, Ya Dang did not even spare him a glance. Going around the men, he came to Yun Jian and bowed, calling out to her respectfully, "My lady!"

This was Ya Dang, a right-hand man of An Hun’s most mysterious leader. Since he was here, it meant that...

A tall man appeared at the door out of the blue. With clear eyes and straight brows, his piercing eyes raked through the hall with undisputable dominance akin to a king.

"I heard that someone’s trying to harm my girl? Is this an enmity declaration to An Hun?" The man leered, pause punctuating his words as his long legs spread in his stride.

The ever mysterious leader of An Hun Group!

Everyone was beyond shock right now. This was a person far more enigmatic than Slaying God!

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