The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 442 - I’m Here To Help. Annihilated

Chapter 442 - I’m Here To Help. Annihilated

What flummoxed them the most was Si Yi’s words.

What did he mean ’his girl’?

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A petrifying thought surfaced in their mind there and then.

Was Slaying God the woman of An Hun’s leader?!

An Hun Group was crowned the top assassin organization in the world because it was ineffably powerful.

Gu Sha Mercenaries was also significant but it was currently embroiled in internal strife. How could a powerful organization be powerful when there was no unity?

An Hun had even trained countless assassins and secret agents with these people snatching up spots of their own internationally. The group itself was equipped with armaments that could rival a nation!

Under such circ.u.mstances, An Hun was actually far more formidable than Gu Sha. It also meant that offending An Hun would incite far worse consequences than provoking Gu Sha.

Hence, the majority of the assassin organizations staggered several steps back once they heard what Si Yi said. Come on, their tiny little organizations were nothing in front of An Hun Group—this was like them trying to get themselves killed!

Buba looked grim as he watched Si Yi go to Yun Jian, his tight-knitted frown almost a permanent line on his face.

This was An Hun’s leader? So young?!

What mattered more was that Slaying God was his significant other?

The capability of An Hun was something Buba and others dared not imagine, but the current situation easily told them that it was either Slaying God or them who was going to die this time round.

They had no choice!

While Buba and others were numbed in shock, too late to figure out what they should do next, Si Yi was already in front of Yun Jian.

The girl stood up from her seat slowly, her eyes trained straight at the young man. She spoke softly, "What brings you here?"

Yun Jian asked not in a reprimanding tone but one that said "I’m assured now that you’re here".

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Si Yi’s appearance made Yun Jian exhale in relief. To be honest, she was prepared to risk it all with these old men here today. While she was prepared, she was not fully confident. Even if she lost, however, she was going to make sure it was a glorious defeat.

Yet, Si Yi’s arrival genuinely made Yun Jian feel like anything could run itself through a buffer as long as he was here.

"To help you." Si Yi’s lips lifted a small angle, accentuating his flawlessly handsome face.

The simple three words melted Yun Jian’s heart.

No assassin organization would partake in another organization’s internal riot unless there was a prospect of gain, like the assassin organizations that had come to help Buba.

Si Yi, however, did not ask for any profit or request anything from her.

Three simple words were all it took to touch a tender spot in Yun Jian who had fought alone both in her previous and current lifetime and climbed to the peak of the world depending on none other than herself.

"Mn." Yun Jian made a nod looking at Si Yi.

Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard who were standing by Yun Jian were equally baffled.

Beep, beep...

Ya Dang’s communication device rang, prompting the man to connect it immediately.

Mo Sen’s impassive but intimidating voice drifted from the device, "All 536 men in nearby islands from the enemy are annihilated."

There was no noteworthy tempo in Mo Sen’s words but it horrified the ones in the building.


Those 536 men were people the other assassin organizations had sent to back Buba up. All of them... were killed?—Personally by one of the four commanders of An Hun, Mo Sen, too!

It had been how long? And all 536 elites were annihilated?

Was this... what An Hun was capable of doing?

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