The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 443 - Kill Them All. They Won’t Disclose It

Chapter 443 - Kill Them All. They Won’t Disclose It

The leaders of the assassin organizations who Buba had invited were standing rooted in trepidation.

They were doomed!

To help Buba take down Slaying God this time, these organizations had selected the cream of the crop in their groups. Now, they were told that the best batch of manpower in their organization were all dead!

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How long had it been?

This was their repercussion for going against An Hun Group!

The organization leaders were filled with terror and regret but no one dared say anything with Si Yi around.

The best talents in their organizations were all killed. This meant that their groups would be completely paralyzed for the coming few years. So many elites were dead! The groups had spent an o.b.s.c.e.n.e amount of money in training each one of these people.

These were 536 individuals... It was a huge loss!

As for now, the assassin organizations resented Buba, aside from wallowing in regret about agreeing to take down Slaying God. If Buba had not extended his invitation, they would not be suffering from this loss!

Buba and the other antiques despaired at the news.

Once An Hun made a move, it was surely a revelation!

Initially, Buba had thought that he had managed to convince An Hun to help him seize Gu Sha. It was until Si Yi appeared and the message blaring from Ya Dang’s communication device that all hopes left him.

He had lost.

He had lost everything.

He lost even before a battle.

Disregarding the fact that An Hun Group was on Yun Jian’s side today—even without An Hun’s help, Buba and others understood that they, in combination with the force of the assassin organizations, might not be able to overcome Yun Jian too.

She was Slaying God after all!

When Yun Jian saw the despair that colored Buba and the other men, she smiled.

Although she had not won based on her own ability, she could finally get revenge on Buba and the others who betrayed her and helped the Inferno Ring to abduct her brother!

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Si Yi wore a small smile when he saw Yun Jian pressed her lips together in rejoice.

As long as she was happy, he would figure out a way to pluck the moon if that was what she wanted!

Mo Sen who had spoken through the communication device bolted into the place swiftly leading a squad of men from An Hun who were masked in black gauze.

He came to Si Yi and nodded at him. "Young master, annihilation is completed."

"Mm." Si Yi nodded lightly. Stood before Yun Jian, his arm had already sn.a.k.e.d around her slim waist.

There was a pause before his piercing eyes turned sharper in his gaze. "Kill everyone here."

Everyone here referred to Buba and his comrades, even the other assassin organization leaders!

The reason was simple. Since they knew that he was An Hun’s leader, they had to die.

"Understood." Mo Sen nodded and gestured to the black gauze squad he had brought in.

"We’re wrong! We promise we won’t seek trouble with Gu Sha Mercenaries in the future!" The other leaders were dumbfounded before they wailed.

"Hah, you have to die since you’re aware of my young master’s identity!" Ya Dang dashed forward with a chuckle.

Immediately, blood and gore tainted the scene.

Yun Jian knew the reason behind Si Yi’s doing.

It was better for fewer people to know that he was the leader of An Hun Group.

As for those who knew about it, he would kill them!

Yun Jian pried Si Yi’s hand from her waist and pointed at Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard who were still stunned, saying, "They’re my people. They won’t disclose it."

Yun Jian was preventing Si Yi from killing both of them as well.

There was a slight upward tug on Si Yi’s lips before he squinted his eyes and replied, "I know."

’I know everything about you.’

’Of course, I won’t lay a finger on your people.’

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