The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 444 - Yun Jian’s Confession—I Was Reborn

Chapter 444 - Yun Jian’s Confession—I Was Reborn

Yun Jian smiled as well at Si Yi’s response.

It surprised Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard. Still, what stunned them more was Si Yi’s earlier explicit term of addressing Yun Jian, "My girl".

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Since when did their Sister Jian get together with An Hun’s leader? Not that it was bad news.

Ya Dang and Mosen had not become commanders in An Hun and followed Si Yi around for no reason. The crucial factor was certainly because they were skilled.

The antiques in Gu Sha and the men from other assassin organizations were no easy targets. After all, they would not be standing still and waiting for their doom.

Even then, Ya Dang and Mo Sen gained the upper hand after a quick battle and wiped out everyone on the spot.

Upon completing Si Yi’s order, both of them came to Si Yi and informed him, "Young master, all of them are eliminated."

Bodies lay scattered on the floor but Yun Jian and the rest of her companions did not even crease their brows. It was a similar scene like this back when she seized Gu Sha Mercenaries from its ex-boss.

To all of them standing there who were involved in such business, a scene like this was more than normal.

Such was how the world worked—survival of the fittest.

The ones who succeeded were crowned kings while the ones who lost died. There were no excuses or external reasons.

"Mm." Si Yi made a slight nod.

Simultaneously, Yun Jian turned to tell Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard regarding Gu Sha’s subsequent reorganization. As Buba and his allies died, the positions of the elders were vacant. Yun Jian hoped that they could promote whoever was capable but had left the selection process fully to Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard.

Both of them were going to stay occupied for the time being.

Yun Jian would send people to take care of the corpses here as well.

Right now, Si Yi was already tugging Yun Jian’s hand and leaving the venue.

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Both of them did not leave the forest but went to a quieter spot.

Si Yi smirked at Yun Jian when they came to a halt. His tall frame nearly covered Yun Jian’s petite form.

"Slaying God," Si Yi spoke faintly with a mirthful gaze on Yun Jian.

Yun Jian’s eyes were averted, not looking at Si Yi, but her heartbeat was picking up.

She had not told Si Yi her identity from the start.

He had never kept anything from her but she hid bits and pieces where she could.

"Have you gotten to know something?" Yun Jian exhaled and looked at Si Yi, her gaze probing.

Si Yi came close toward Yun Jian’s face suddenly. Being taller, he had to lower his head to touch Yun Jian’s face.

His breath was puffed in front of Yun Jian, his gorgeous face gaining clarity as he smiled.

"What do you wish that I knew?" Si Yi felt like teasing all of a sudden and snuggled his head against Yun Jian’s collar bone.

It made the girl incredibly shy as she flushed.

Just when she thought that Si Yi was going to say more, he stood up suddenly and put some distance between them. There was a beat of silence before he said, "You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to."

There was a tinge of disappointment in his voice. She was not going to be honest after all, even when he had already known the truth.

Just when Si Yi was turning to leave, Yun Jian’s determined voice came up, "I was reborn. It’s the sandalwood box that revived me her."

She had decided to confess to Si Yi.

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