The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 445 - Telling The Truth Personally And Having KFC

Chapter 445 - Telling The Truth Personally And Having KFC

Si Yi was elated.

He was not surprised at Yun Jian’s rebirth nor was he shocked.

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"I’ve long known this." Si Yi went back to Yun Jian; looking at her, it felt like warmth was flowing from his eyes to his heart.

He was happy because Yun Jian told him the truth.

He wanted to hear about it from her personally because it meant that she had genuinely acknowledged his significance when she opted to tell him about the secret that she had kept in the deepest part of her heart.

Si Yi was now certain that Yun Jian had fully accepted him.

Wanting to pull her into his embrace, Yun Jian twirled away in avoidance.

She gritted her teeth and pursed her lips, asking Si Yi with her gaze on him, "You knew? Then why are you asking?"

It was not that she was angry. She felt freed instead.

Other than Snake.Lizard, Tiger.Leopard and Qing You who knew about her rebirth, Yun Jian had never told anyone else since the incident.

As for Si Yi, he was the first person she wholly trusted and told him about it.

If there must be a reason, Yun Jian probably could not come up with one. She had just blurted it but it felt relieving.

Si Yi came around and extended his arms to wrap her into a hug again. This time, Yun Jian did not refuse it.

"I just wanted to hear you telling me the truth personally," he said with a smile and a raise of brows.

Yun Jian who was snug in his embrace kept quiet.

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Both of them did not delve into the topic. Once the sandalwood box was related, the matter extended far beyond reach.


As Gu Sha’s old men were all dead, no one in Gu Sha Mercenaries could threaten Yun Jian now.

At the same time, Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard were swift to replace the vacant spots of Elder Buba and others with their pre-selected choices. It was how Gu Sha Mercenaries could keep moving along.

Yun Jian had returned in low profile this time but encountering Saibeier and Tulige in Hafei Island was unexpected.

As for Hua Meiling and her friends, they had been taken away. It was probably destined that Yun Jian would not meet them again in this lifetime.

Life was sometimes like this—you would meet some people and form a relationship during your trip but once you bid goodbye, it is farewell for life.

Upon solving Gu Sha Mercenaries’ conflict, Yun Jian was thoroughly settled. The operation of Gu Sha would thrive being passed to Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard.

Yun Jian took Qing You back to Country Z—except the journey back now included Si Yi, Ya Dang and Mo Sen, three exceptionally attention-grabbing presences.

Palming her forehead, Yun Jian sighed at the fact. It was not like she could drive the three of them away and stop them from traveling together.

It was under a lot of interested gazes and attention that Yun Jian finally got back to her home country. Qing You hurried home to watch a cartoon once they landed, while Yun Jian and Si Yi went to pick up Yun Zhu from class.

The little boy had no school during the winter break but he had gone for tutoring since he was keen to learn.

Right now, Yun Jian was leaving the tuition center holding Yun Zhu’s hand.

The boy was tugging Yun Jian’s hand but when he saw Si Yi waiting for him standing beside his Lamborghini, his short legs picked up speed as he scrambled to him. Stretching his arms, Yun Zhu spoke unabashedly, "Si Yi-gege, you’re back? You’ve promised me, you’re bringing back yummy goodies for me!"

Si Yi could not help the pat at Yun Zhu’s head before he tucked the boy into the car. After Yun Jian got in as well the three of them, like a wholesome family, departed to KFC for Yun Zhu’s favorite food.

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