The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 446 - Little Yun Zhu. A Post-Holiday Trip

Chapter 446 - Little Yun Zhu. A Post-Holiday Trip

After having Yun Zhu’s favorite KFC, the boy was satisfied. Rubbing his filled tummy, he left KFC happily with a hand each latched on to Si Yi and Yun Jian.

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With both hands tugging them separately, Yun Zhu scampered, still excited.

Little Yun Zhu had been fed well these days, his scrawny malnourished body was filling up nicely. At least his cheeks were round and squishy now and he had gotten much taller, almost to the height of Yun Jian’s c.h.e.s.t.

"Xiao Zhu, Si Yi-gege said that he’s taking you to buy new clothes, as many as you want. It’s going to be Lunar New Year soon. Our Xiao Zhu is going to dress up nice and pretty!" Yun Jian squatted down to pinch Yun Zhu’s cheeks softly, a beautiful smile etched on her equally captivating face.

She could not help ripping Si Yi off by the way.

Si Yi who stood beside them was speechless. Since when had he said something like that...

"Yay! Let’s get new clothes! Xiao Zhu’s going shopping!" Little Yun Zhu grabbed Yun Jian and Si Yi’s hands ecstatically as he began to bounce off the thrill.

When Si Yi saw how happy Yun Zhu was that it made Yun Jian wear a genuine beam as well, he felt inexplicably joyful. Raising his hand to catch a glimpse of the black watch on his wrist, he pulled up a small smile and said, "Let’s go."

The three of them went for Longmen City’s shopping paradise.

The clothes that Yun Zhu wore were in the children’s section. When Yun Jian and Si Yi left the children’s department holding a big bag of Yun Zhu’s new clothes, they met Chu Ning at the door.

Longmen City was only so big and it was nearing Lunar New Year. Although Yun Jian had not gone to the military training camp these days, it was not a surprise to bump into Chu Ning here.

Right now, Chu Ning was hooking arms with a middle-age woman who looked rather well-proportioned.

When Chu Ning saw Yun Jian, she tugged the woman along as she ran over.

"Yun Jian’er, I didn’t expect to see you here!"

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Right after that, Chu Ning was attracted by Yun Zhu’s delicate little face.

"Little brother, it’s you!" she exclaimed as she squatted down to pinch at Yun Zhu’s cheeks like what Yun Jian did earlier.

Chu Ning had met both Si Yi and Yun Zhu before. It was just that her impression of Yun Zhu was still the little boy Yun Jian had saved when they had gone hiking at Jinglian Town’s Weiwu Mountain. She did not pay much attention then, only hearing that Yun Jian had fostered him.

"Hi, jiejie!" Little Yun Zhu greeted Chu Ning politely.

"Hehe, so cute!" Chu Ning grinned at the boy before standing up.

She then turned to the woman beside her to introduce them to her before turning back around to introduce the woman. "This is my mom!"

The middle-age woman who was Chu Ning’s mother was Wen Hui.

Wen Hui had long heard her daughter lauding Yun Jian’s performance in the Special Forces, especially when she kept telling her that Team Monarch had only come to where they were all thanks to Yun Jian.

Hence, when she heard Chu Ning saying that this girl here was Yun Jian, Wen Hui greeted her quickly, "Nice to meet you, young lady!"

As they got to know each other, they went shopping together for a while since Yun Jian and Chu Ning stayed close.

Before they parted, Wen Hui seemed to like Yun Jian a lot as she invited, "Come visit us at home when you’re free. Ningning said that she’s going on a trip with her friends after Lunar New Year. You’re going together, is that right?"

It reminded Yun Jian that Team Monarch had planned to go for an outing again after Lunar New Year when they completed the mission after retrieving the jade pendant from Pete the last time.

This time, they were including their friends and family too.

If Wen Hui had not mentioned it, Yun Jian had almost forgotten about it, so she nodded at the woman promptly.

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