The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 450 - A Taekwondo Demonstration And Going Up Against Yun Jian

Chapter 450 - A Taekwondo Demonstration And Going Up Against Yun Jian

Basically, Qin Li did not have any regard for Yun Jian—of course, he was not saying it out loud in front of everyone.

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After the feast, Qin Yirou cleaned up the dinner utensils with Zhang Meihua.

Since Zhang Meihua was the host, the rest of the dinner guests were free to move to the benches and stools in the front yard to blow their own trumpets while Qin Yirou and a few other women cleaned up the tables.

"Qin Li, you must’ve made a lot this year huh? Haha, you got promoted twice. You’re close to being the head of the executive council of Zhe Province, aren’t you!" someone said to Qin Li, his tone deeply admiring.

Qin Li’s sense of superiority was roused but his words remained humble. "No no, I’m still working hard. I don’t know where I’ll end up either. It’s getting more difficult to make progress..."

Yun Jian and her peers stood aside, listening to the a.d.u.l.ts chat. When the a.d.u.l.ts finally directed their topic to the children, they began showing off their children’s achievements.

"My Huan’er is a senior in high school now. He’s just participated in a national Taekwondo championship earlier. Luckily he didn’t embarrass us, hah, he came in third," Qin Li said.

When he spoke, his gaze flitted to his son, Qin Huan, intentionally and his tone was brimming with pride.

"Coming in third in a national Taekwondo competition? Wow, old Qin, your son’s really talented in Taekwondo!" someone threw in.

In the eyes of an ordinary citizen, a kid was already doing excellent when they could win something in Longmen City or Zhe Province. For Qin Li’s son, Qin Huan, to win in a national Taekwondo championship, that was a spectacular feat!

Qin Huan who was being praised cracked a grin.

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The son of Qin Li, Qin Huan was eighteen this year. As his family was well to do, he had a better start than other children since he was a small child. He took up Taekwondo from a young age.

Achieving what he did, it was enough to boast in front of these unsophisticated relatives.

Yun Jian stood on the side, quietly watching the chatter.

Qin Li then asked his son, Qin Huan, over to demonstrate a few Taekwondo techniques for them.

Qin Huan stood before everyone arrogantly and showed several forms that he was used to practicing. In his opinion, he was doing extremely well to have won third in a national competition despite his young age.

After the short demonstration, Qin Huan was rewarded with a round of applause. He even flicked his short hair with his hand for some swagger.

"That’s all? Why don’t you go up against Yun Jian? She’s good!" Qin Fenger’s mocking tone came up.

Qin Fenger who was here—had been here all along. She was the daughter of Yun Jian’s other uncle, Qin Laiqian and the house here belonged to him. Since she was not schooling during the holiday, she was back home.

It was just that she had not shared the table with Yun Jian in the beginning and there was no chance for her to challenge the latter.

Actually, Qin Fenger had loathed Yun Jian more after being scared by her hypnosis the last time. When she saw Qin Huan performing his Taekwondo skills so smoothly, she was suddenly reminded that Yun Jian seemed to know a thing or two as well.

Qin Fenger was confident that Yun Jian would not be able to beat Qin Huan, thus she spoke up to drag her down.

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