The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 451 - Fancy And Unworthy

Chapter 451 - Fancy And Unworthy

Qin Huan was the second runner-up in a national youth Taekwondo championship!

Yun Jian would never be able to compare!

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That was why Qin Fenger wanted to push Yun Jian up to fight with Qin Huan. She even crowed to make Qin Huan assume that Yun Jian was training Taekwondo as well.

Qin Huan was competitive. Leveraging on that, Qin Fenger’s ultimate goal was to make Qin Huan believe that Yun Jian was skilled and stir up his competitiveness so he could fight her—best if he could debilitate Yun Jian directly! Even better if he hit and disfigure her face!

Qin Fenger was the most jealous of Yun Jian’s face.

As expected, Qin Huan’s gaze went to scrutinize Yun Jian just as Qin Fenger said that she was good. It was not just him, everyone else there shifted their eyes to her and each of them looked shocked.

Yun Jian knew Taekwondo too?

Previously, they heard Zhang Meihua saying that Yun Jian had founded a company on her own and that was enough to baffle them. From Qin Fenger’s misleading words, they now assumed that Yun Jian knew Taekwondo, unable to believe that she was trained when she looked thin and frail.

"You’re in Taekwondo too?" Qin Huan who had been preening was now in front of Yun Jian. With his taller and bigger build, he looked down at her and asked disparagingly.

He looked like he was disdained that she knew Taekwondo too.

Yun Jian had not said anything yet she was dragged into this farce. Crossing her arms in front of herself, she glanced at Qin Fenger, her gaze sharp and gleaming murderously.

Pressing her red lips together slightly, Yun Jian quirked her lips up into a half smile. Coupled that with her stunning face, it took everyone’s breath away for a moment.

Qin Fenger who stood by the side clenched her fists, stabbing her fingernails into her flesh. She hated Yun Jian’s face the most!

"Yup, I do know Taekwondo." Yun Jian spread her arms and glared back at Qin Fenger. Did Qin Fenger think she was the only one who knew how to glare at somebody?

"Let’s spar then!" Qin Huan said excitedly.

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He thought that he did not look adequately cool despite the earlier performance. He ought to knock down his opponent as he did in a Taekwondo championship to show his bravado.

It was just that he did not have an opponent just now so he could only show some techniques. What a coincidence it was that Yun Jian said she was trained in Taekwondo too.

Qin Huan asked for a match immediately.

It was only after his request that he thought he had been brash and supplied confidently. "Don’t worry, I won’t injure you."

This was basically saying that Qin Huan was sure that he was winning when he was up against Yun Jian.

"Come on," said Yun Jian easily when she had not planned to do anything about it.

She paused and looked back at Qin Huan with a tilt of the head, scoffing, "I’ll be frank now, I won’t go easy on you!"

It was retaliating Qin Huan’s pompous declaration just now.

However, it infuriated Qin Huan. He was the second runner-up in a national Taekwondo championship yet he was blatantly looked down at by a thin girl today!

Right after Yun Jian’s words, Qin Huan swung his arm up for a punch. Charging for Yun Jian the fastest he could, he muttered, "Here I come then!"

Executing a few standard Taekwondo movements, Qin Huan was about to pin Yun Jian’s arms when a hand came to him lithe like a snake. Yun Jian’s hand that held Yun Zhu stayed still while her other hand weaved around Qin Huan to reach his abdomen.

Just when he thought that she was going to punch him, she launched a kick.


When the others blinked, Qin Huan who had been aggressive was on the ground now within a second!

The girl’s melodic voice rang once more. "All fancy moves but unworthy to even be my opponent!"

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