The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 453 - Confidence, Where From? Another Single-Move KO

Chapter 453 - Confidence, Where From? Another Single-Move KO

Qin Fenger’s nonsense had only served to boost Qin Huan’s confidence. He really did think that Yun Jian had defeated him with some illegitimate moves just now. After all, she was so fast—it must not have been a Taekwondo move.

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If they were fighting on Taekwondo terms, Qin Huan was confident he could beat Yun Jian. He had learned Taekwondo comprehensively, picking up even what moves his opponents would use from his instructor. He was also trained in his defense corresponding to the opponent’s form and style.

Qin Huan was overflowing in confidence with the range of Taekwondo moves in his repertoire! That was why he extended a rematch request to Yun Jian in order to save his face. He was considered a veteran in the national youth Taekwondo championship! How could she compare to that?

Yun Jian could not help chuckling at Qin Huan’s words. She had been merciful just now but here Qin Huan was, requesting for another round with the excuse that she did not fight him with a Taekwondo move?

"A rematch?" Yun Jian arched a brow and smirked, disdainful.

"That’s right!" Qin Huan gave a hard nod when he saw the relatives around them watching him, indignant to imagine that he would be called someone who could not even fight a thin girl like Yun Jian in the future.

Qin Li was aware that his son was going all out from how the latter was behaving.

"Huan’er, light contact. Don’t injure a girl," he warned Qin Huan.

"Dad, of course"! Qin Huan nodded in assurance as if he had already won Yun Jian when he spoke.

It was undeniable that Qin Li and Qin Huan were father and son. God knew where their confidence came from.

Yun Jian smirked in despise, handing Yun Zhu to Yun Yi so the latter could hold the boy. "Ge, hold Xiao Zhu for me."

She then went to where Qin Huan was.

Her long eyelashes fluttered, her delicate face supple and soft like flowing water. The clean and pure face captivated everyone there once more. Yun Jian was a stunning beauty. Why else did Yuan Yingjun pester her back then?

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The captivating girl stood before everyone, they were just on the vacant front yard plot in Zhang Meihua’s house. Puffs of warm air left her lips as she hooked a finger toward Qin Huan. "No matter how many times you try, be it Taekwondo, free boxing, or any form of martial arts, I’ll consider you winning as long as you can get one move past me."

This was a hard slap to Qin Huan.

Yun Jian was saying that he could not even last one move against her!

Making a harsh spit, Qin Huan lacked Yun Jian’s audacity. He dared not tell her something similar because from what he could judge based on her skills just now, she was not a weakling!

"Ha!" Qin Huna bellowed as he focused all of his attention to grip his fist and throw a punch toward Yun Jian in full force. This was much more powerful than his earlier punch.

There was a gleam in Yun Jian’s eyes as she stayed still, watching Qin Huan rush to her with a gripped fist. When his punch was ten centimeters in front of her, Yun Jian turned her head as she lowered herself to a half squat and spun.

In the next second, she had made her way behind Qin Huan somehow. Then, raising her leg, she kicked Qin Huan to the ground on his back with an extremely standard Taekwondo kick.

Everyone was flummoxed.

Yun Jian had executed this move incredibly fast!

She was even faster than when she had knocked Qin Huan down the first round! She had not actually shown her actual ability earlier!

Qin Huan was kicked to the ground falling face first.

Standing behind him, Yun Jian put up her right pointer finger with a smile despite the shocked spectators, commenting in despise, "One move."

One move was all it took for her to knock Qin Huan out once again!

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