The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 454 - A Play Fight, Going Easy On Her

Chapter 454 - A Play Fight, Going Easy On Her

If Yun Jian had not used a Taekwondo technique and gave Qin Huan an excuse to crow that she could not win him without one, then the young man really had nothing more to say now.

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In fact, he was still stunned. He was knocked down by Yun Jian once again!

This time, everyone’s eyes were glued to them. All of them clearly saw that Yun Jian had used a proper Taekwondo form in defeating him!

Qin Huan broke down. He had trained hard in Taekwondo since he was a kid and he lost to a girl who was younger and smaller in size than him.

His ego could not survive it if the word got out!

Qin Fenger who wanted to take advantage of Qin Huan’s ability to make Yun Jian suffer was in despair. She clenched her jaw resentfully and glared at Yun Jian.

"Alright, alright. It’s just kids play fighting. No big deal who wins or loses. Qin Huan, you’re a gentleman, it’s normal to go easy on a girl. Come and have some apples now, they’re freshly cut!"

A plump middle-aged woman who came out from the house holding a plate with cut fruits said as she walked, offering slices of apples to the visitors.

She had seen Yun Jian subdue Qin Huan in a single move just now but she was calm after the initial shock. In an instant, this stubby woman who was half a head shorter than Yun Jian recalled their sparring earlier. She supposed Qin Huan was going easy on Yun Jian and allowing her to win since he was old enough to be her elder brother.

What she thought, she said it aloud.

After all, both villagers and city folks, in this era, were used to having elder siblings tolerate their younger siblings. Even when that was not the case sometimes, they were sweeping it under the same file regardless.

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Yun Jian beating Qin Huan twice for example, the relatives all thought that Qin Huan had gone easy on Yun Jian to let her win now that the fat middle-aged woman said it like that.

In spite of it, Qin Huan knew himself how intimidating Yun Jian’s ability was.

When the woman said so, everyone around them nodded along, genuinely assuming Yun Jian had won because Qin Huan allowed her to.

To which, Yun Jian scoffed.

It was only during times like this that the misogyny in the village was thoroughly laid out in the open.

Living the best possible life at the peak of the world during her past life, Yun Jian had never experienced such prejudice but she could now say that it was an awful taste.

Not that she would be bothered. Without saying anything, she went back to Yun Zhu to hold his hand.

An urgent voice sounded at that time. "Aiyah, I’m late! Sorry, everyone!"

Following the voice, a policeman in his uniform, obviously in too much of a rush to take it off after work, was seen coming over. The rest of the visitors were naturally respectful when they saw anyone in a police uniform.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes, slightly surprised when she spotted the familiar face.

The man was equally astonished when he saw Yun Jian, exclaiming with a finger pointed at her, "Little girl, it’s you! Aren’t you the Advanced Special Forces soldier under Officer Ge!?"

Upon a closer look, this policeman was the man Yun Jian had met when she was with Lu Feiyan to visit the latter’s father.

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