The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 455 - A Military Prodigy And A Face Slap—Many Face Slaps

Chapter 455 - A Military Prodigy And A Face Slap—Many Face Slaps

The policeman was Zhang Shun, a cop working in Xinjiang Town’s police station. He was also the policeman who liaised with them when Yun Jian went to the police station for Lu Feiyan and her mother to visit her father.

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It was such a coincidence to bump into him here.

Yun Jian was only a little surprised before she nodded at Zhang Shun.

Zhang Shun was actually Qin Li’s brother-in-law. Working in Xinjiang Town’s police station, he had it rather easy.

In a way, Zhang Shun was considered a distant relative of Zhang Meihua, so he was also a non-blood relative of Yun Jian.

Now that Zhang Meihua was hosting a feast for friends and family in Xinjiang Town, Zhang Shun was one of the invited guests. It was too bad that he had been too late for dinner as he had just finished work.

"Advanced Special Forces? What are you talking about? She’s... an Advanced Special Forces?" Qin Li asked Zhang Shun in horror when he was suddenly struck with realization as he listened to the latter alongside the other guests.

When everyone heard that Yun Jian was an ASF soldier, they were all gaping in shock. All of them anticipated Zhang Shun’s answer.

It was obvious that Zhang Shun did not catch on their flummox as he spoke in high praises of Yun Jian, "Heh, surprised, aren’t you? My reaction was about the same when I found out that she’s an Advanced Special Force! Don’t underestimate her because of her young age, though. To become a member of the ASF under Officer Ge is a glory that others might not even achieve despite working hard their whole life!"

Zhang Shun continued to exclaim, "Do you guys know who Officer Ge is? He’s Country Z’s military prodigy! A personage even the President would meet!"

Yun Jian was aware of Ge Junjian’s high rank in Country Z, but it felt different when it came from someone else.


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It felt like a thunderbolt struck everyone there.

Yun Jian had another identity—she was actually an Advanced Special Forces!

Qin Li was dumbstruck while others were taken aback. Qin Huan was frozen on the spot.

That was why his skill was nothing to her! That was why she said that he was unworthy as her opponent! She was an Advanced Special Forces soldier!

The identity was a guarantee that Yun Jian stood out from the others.

Qin Huan was only good in Taekwondo, there was no way he could compare to the Special Forces in the military. After all, no matter how good he was in martial arts, he rarely got to use it in practical fights while the training of an average Special Forces soldier was enough to intimidate someone practicing Taekwondo!

There was simply no room for comparison between the two. Especially when those who had been in the military, they were usually tinged with a sense of belligerence.

"What... What is it?" Zhang Shun asked in puzzlement when he saw that everyone was stunned after he finished.

If he were to know that these people had thought that Qin Huan lost to Yun Jian because he went easy on her, he would probably break out in a guffaw.

Yun Jian was an ASF soldier whom Ge Junjian had personally awarded her a certificate! A young Advanced Special Forces soldier!

Would she need someone like Qin Huan to go easy on her? Was this a joke?

Other than Qin Li and Qin Huan who looked aghast, the woman who served the guests fruits and apple slices just now felt a harsh slap as well. She had been the first to plant the idea that Qin Huan had lost because he gave in to Yun Jian.

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