The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 458 - One Word, Scram

Chapter 458 - One Word, Scram

The number of cars in town all year long could be counted in one hand and it was even rarer to see luxury vehicles like a sports car.

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Hence, when they heard that it was the sound of a sports car, everyone rushed out wishing to see what the legendary vehicle actually looked like. No one thought it was strange when they watched the black Lamborghini sports car slowly drive into the path leading to the front yard as it was common for cars to drive past right in front of houses.

"I wonder who in town does this sports car belong to. It’s so cool! I think it’s a Lamborghini! This type of car is usually sold for no less than one million yuan!" The insatiable-looking man had a name, Zhu Jie.

Zhu Jie was currently pointing at the Lamborghini cruising into the front yard and telling the group pompously. He could not help sighing as well, "If I could touch the steering wheel of a car like that in this lifetime, I’ll consider it a win!"

Outsiders would actually think Zhu Jie to be someone humble from what he said, but those who knew him would know that he was just trying to say when someone like him who was well to do and knew rich people could not even lay a finger on this luxurious car, his poor relatives could forget fantasizing about it.

Just as everyone kept their eyes glued on the black sports car, watching it drive across the road in front of them and was about to coast past Zhang Meihua’s house, the car came to a halt suddenly.

"Huh?" Zhu Jie made a sound of curiosity.

The door to the Lamborghini opened slowly under everyone’s unwavering gaze and a pair of long legs greeted their sight. Then, a relatively young man alighted from the driving seat. He was only eighteen or nineteen years old, a very young man, but he had a commanding presence. His short black hair framed his fair and gorgeous face, making all the females blush.

Qin Fenger had never seen such a good looking man. She had met a lot of boys and dated plenty of them, but nothing fruitful ever came out of it. Her boyfriend who was called the campus heartthrob was not even as dashing as this man in front of her!

Feeling her heart thumping, Qin Fenger wondered if this man had stepped on the brake because he had seen her.

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Zhu Jie could not help staring admiringly at the man who made his sudden appearance and cracked a smile.

"Hey, young man, are you looking to go somewhere?" Zhu Jie was always courteous to rich and powerful people. When he saw Si Yi pausing upon getting out of his car, he thought that the latter was not from around here.

Since it was Lunar New Year, it was also not uncommon for people from elsewhere to come and visit family in their original hometown.

Therefore, Zhu Jie went over uninvited to volunteer in guiding Si Yi.

"Scram," Si Yi said flatly, pointedly hating bootlickers like Zhu Jie.

Zhu Jie trusted his insight even though he was asked to scram. Not ruffled by Si Yi’s hostile reaction, he plastered on a chuckle and stood aside. Zhu Jie had never dared retort a rich person’s sneer.

For Si Yi to drive a Lamborghini, he must come from an affluent family. Zhu Jie was never going to offend someone like this all his life.

While everyone was curiously waiting for Si Yi and guessing his next move, said young man spread his long legs and went toward Yun Jian.

"I’m back." With lifted lips, Si Yi said what shocked everyone in a peaceful tone.

Did he know Yun Jian?

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