The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 459 - Take Care Of Yourself. She’s A Sugar Baby

Chapter 459 - Take Care Of Yourself. She’s A Sugar Baby

Yun Yi, Qin Yirou, and Yun Zhu were the only other ones who knew Si Yi there, but when Si Yi walked to Yun Jian directly, it was as if she was the only one he saw in his deep eyes.

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"Mn," Yun Jian replied to him in an equally impassive tone. She was not good at expressing herself but her slightly raised brow was evidence of her thrill.

"Si Yi-gege!" Little Yun Zhu ran to Si Yi from Yun Jian as well.

He was clinging to Si Yi increasingly. Each time he saw Si Yi, it was like he saw toys and sweets, forgetting even his own sister, as he threw himself into Si Yi’s embrace—like he found his treasure.

Yun Jian, Si Yi, and Yun Zhu’s daily and casual interaction, however, bewildered everyone there.

They had not heard it wrongly just now when Zhu Jie was lauding how a Lamborghini sports car cost no less than a million yuan!

How could someone who afforded millions of yuan to buy a car be poor?

The cost of living was much cheaper in 1998 and people did not earn a lot monthly. There was basically no one who could purchase a luxurious car for such an insane amount of money!

Most importantly, this man who drove the sports car looked like he was close to Yun Jian. When Yun Jian, Si Yi, and Yun Zhu stood together, they looked exactly like a family!

It stupefied everyone there.

Zhu Jie who dragged Yun Jian through mud just now was utterly embarrassed. He dared not even make himself visible in front of them.

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Think about how he had slandered her just now and his tone!

Honestly, Zhu Jie did not even think highly of Yun Jian and her future achievement. Even if she was capable, she was just a girl. There were limits to a lot of things for an adolescent to undertake. So Yun Jian, to Zhu Jie, was only a girl, and could never amount to much in the future!

Yet, when he went fawning over Si Yi, he was struck with the realization that Si Yi knew Yun Jian!

The awkward coincidence was experienced by Zhu Jie’s first and his face fell immediately. He kept quiet after that.

"A-Yi, you’re here? Here’s an empty stool, take a seat and have a break!" Qin Yirou came walking to them with a smile and told Si Yi amiably. She then asked in worry, "You haven’t had dinner, have you, A-Yi?"

Holding Yun Zhu’s hand, Si Yi had rushed all the way here from An Hun Group just to keep his promise to Yun Jian to celebrate and enter the Lunar New Year together. He did not rest for even a second rushing here, so it was no surprise that he did not have dinner yet.

With a shake of the head, Si Yi answered, "No."

"What do I do with you! You didn’t tell us earlier that you’re coming, how do you take care of yourself! Never mind, I’m making you noodles. You can’t stay hungry. Your stomach will protest with gastritis if this goes on!"

Chiding Si Yi like she was his elder, Qin Yirou then turned away to go inside the house and make him noodles.

Si Yi was warmed by her gesture.

The homely scene between Si Yi and Yun Jian, as well as the rest of her family, looked different to Qin Fenger as envy and jealousy bubbled within her.

She even pursed her lips in glancing at Si Yi out of the corner of her eyes but spoke to Yun Jian, "Yun Jian, who’s he to you? Your sugar daddy? Oh no, Yun Jian, you shouldn’t be selling yourself like that no matter how poor you are and make money out of being a sugar baby!"

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