The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 46 - Still Thinking About Leaving Here Alive

Chapter 46 - Still Thinking About Leaving Here Alive

"Ah!" The mistress who was thrown on the ground screamed, unable to promptly regain her senses.

Yun Jian quickly went to help Qin Yirou who was on the ground up to see large teardrops rolling off her wrinkled face. She stayed motionless as Yun Jian picked her up, looking numb.

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"Mom," Yun Jian called out softly feeling a pang on her heart.

She did not know how to comfort others and could only hug her mother who was stranded in hopelessness. She placed her hand on Qin Yirou’s back and gently patted her to ease her misery.

Yun Jian knew that Qin Yirou could turn a blind eye to everything that Yun Gang had committed prior to this.

However, having a mistress; was something she could not forgive.

Otherwise, she would have long divorced Yun Gang and lived alone.

The main reason Qin Yirou had persevered so many years in the marriage was for the children.

She did not want her children to lose their father.

No matter how useless Yun Yang was, he had never had an affair. This was also why Qin Yirou continued putting up with him.

The husband and wife had long lost their passion for each other, their children being the only link that tied them together.

"Xiao – Xiao Jian, my – my heart hurts..." Qin Yirou shakily muttered.

"Mom, I’ll protect you from now on!" Yun Jian stroked the woman’s back and said resolutely.

The passersby whispered to each other, the audience gaining number as they gathered around the community hall to watch the drama.

"Xiao Jian... Sis Yirou..." A middle-aged man who was in his forties appeared before them and carefully called out.

This man was Yun Xiaoya’s father, Yun Jian’s uncle, Yun Zheng.

The Yun household had two sons, the elder Yun Zheng was down to earth working as a farmer, and the younger Yun Gang, Yun Jian’s father.

Yun Gang was never a pragmatic man, addicted to gambling and even drinking.

Even Yun Zheng believed that Qin Yirou suffered having married to his younger brother Yun Gang.

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"Uncle." Yun Jian gently acknowledged the man dressed in farming clothes, with her hand still soothing Qin Yirou, feeling that she had calmed down from the surge of emotions just now.

In her memory, her uncle was not one to spill his guts for their family but he was not immoral to them either.

At least, Yun Zheng had come to help Qin Yirou when he saw her being beaten by the mistress only to fail because the mistress was very strong.

"Hey." Yun Zheng greeted back before softly sighing.

"Ay, the mistress is running away! She’s escaping because she can’t win! No way!" A nosy woman cried among the watching crowd.

Holding Qin Yirou, Yun Jian turned to see the mistress standing up from the ground and grabbing her purse, planning to slip away from the commotion.

Was she planning to leave after hitting her mother?

As everyone thought that the mistress was going to leave just like this, Yun Jian bent down to pick up a stone from the ground.

What was she doing?

The bystanders including Yun Zheng and Yun Xiaoya were perplexed.

From what Yun Zheng remembered, his niece had always been a timid child. However, she had stepped forward and slapped the mistress just now.

In the midst of everyone’s doubt, Yun Jian picked up the stone and threw it toward the direction of the mistress.

Unlike normal stone, in the hands of Yun Jian, the harmless pebble was akin to a sharp blade.

The crowd heard a plop and saw the mistress kneeling on the ground. The stone that Yun Jian had tossed dropped beside her.

A tiny pebble had actually made someone kneel down?

The audience was still in shock when they watched Yun Jian walking over to a nearby bench to help Qin Yirou rest.

"You hit my mom and crashed my house. Are you thinking to leave here alive without an explanation?" Yun Jian spoke flatly.

Monotonous. – Those who were familiar with Yun Jian would have known that this was a sign of Yun Jian’s wrath.

The consequences would be grave.

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