The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 460 - Your Sugar Daddies. More Visitors

Chapter 460 - Your Sugar Daddies. More Visitors

The reason Qin Fenger was making unfounded accusations was purely because she held a strong prejudice against Yun Jian. She wanted their relatives and friends to scrutinize Yun Jian—best if they misunderstood her as a plaything of Si Yi!

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After all, everyone assumed Si Yi to come from a wealthy family when he made his appearance with the Lamborghini sports car. Who else could afford a sports car of over a million yuan other than prodigal heirs?

Country Z’s economy was only beginning to climb in 1998. It was until the twenty-first century that the economy began an obvious rising trend as technological developments amazed people.

What was certain for now was that cost of living was dirt cheap in 1998.

"Sugar baby?" Si Yi repeated with an arch of his brow before Yun Jian said anything. His gorgeous face looked like a god had personally sculpted it had no flaw.

"What-what? Isn’t that the case?!" Qin Fenger bit back instantly and she thought of something else in that moment, running her mouth without a filter.

"It’s Lunar New Year’s Eve right now, the night to go into the new year together. What else are you coming for if not Yun Jian when you don’t stay at home?" Qin Fenger was so sure with her accusation. It was like she was all-knowing.

Some people even thought that she made sense. If Yun Jian and Si Yi were a couple, should they not come back to Xinjiang Town together? What was happening now was Si Yi coming to her much later with his Lamborghini.

"According to your theory, everyone who comes looking for you are your sugar daddies?" Yun Jian retorted Qin Fenger with a perfectly logical counter-example.

Qin Fenger was speaking without a brain-to-mouth filter just now, so there were a lot of loopholes in her claims. Yun Jian caught it and gave it back to her.

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It stirred a guffaw out of everyone there. All of them swiftly realized that what Qin Fenger said was baseless.

Just because Si Yi came for Yun Jian meant that she was his sugar baby? Then everyone who was here in Qin Fenger’s house would be her sugar daddy!

They were thoroughly tickled by Qin Fenger’s ludicrous thinking.

"Hahaha, girl, you’re interesting!" someone told Yun Jian with a laugh.

Yun Jian nodded with a small smile that did not stretch any wider.

People were now looking at Qin Fenger like she was a fool after what Yun Jian said. The latter could not be blamed. Qin Fenger was really silly to say something like that.

It was true that she made it up but she was at a loss for words to Yun Jian’s counter. She was also furious but she dared not say anything.

Si Yi was standing right there! He looked like he came from an influential family. No matter how good Qin Fenger was, she could not afford to offend him.

Tss... Beep, beep...

Suddenly, several more cars drove in from the outside. Preceded by the Lamborghini, however, these cars that would usually rouse surprise became incredibly mediocre.

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