The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 461 - Astounded And Clammed Up

Chapter 461 - Astounded And Clammed Up

One of the cars that drove in was New Cruise’s recent bestseller, Country Z’s joint venture Volkswagen. Trailing close behind it was a military jeep.

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As both cars cruised along, it was a sight to behold.

Right now, both cars parked themselves at the front door after Si Yi.

"What the heck, what’s going on today? Why do cars keep coming here!" someone gasped, unable to help themselves.

Zhang Meihua’s front yard was rather narrow. It was already at its limit when Si Yi’s Lamborghini was parked earlier, so the two cars had to park some distance away from the door now.

The person who gasped did so because there were usually only a handful of cars in a small place like Xinjiang Town all year round. Today, however, three cars were parked at the door of Zhang Meihua’s house and it astounded everyone.

Zhang Zhifan who alighted the Volkswagen felt thrilled like he had succeeded and come home. He and his members were originally from Xinjiang Town too, so their homes were naturally still here.

Another bigger jeep that was parked saw someone opening the door and hopping off it.

Yun Jian blinked before narrowing her eyes slightly, her gaze glowing.

"The... the general manager of New Cruise! Gosh, what’s New Cruise’s general manager doing here!" Zhu Jie who had been quiet for some time pointed at Zhang Zhifan upon his appearance like he was seeing some hotshot.

Hearing that the man who turned up out of the blue was the general manager of New Cruise, everyone shifted their gaze to him.

As New Cruise built a name for himself in addition to Zhang Zhifan’s diligent management, the company was now a household name representing Country Z! There were even overseas businesses that expressed their wish to collaborate with the corporation.

Hence, there was not one person there who did not know about New Cruise.

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It was already the epitome of car dealersh.i.p.s nationwide!

These people began to break out in loud whispers at meeting New Cruise’s general manager, Zhang Zhifan.

"That’s him! This man is the GM of New Cruise!"

"What shocking news!"

Contrary to the group’s surprise, Zhang Zhifan did not look arrogant. Nonetheless, he had all the rights to be proud!

"He...Hello..." Qin Li was the first to come up to him. Rubbing his hands, he extended it for a handshake. There was a servile sense in his tone.

"Hi." Zhang Zhifan did not answer the handshake nor express anything more. After the brief exchange of greeting, he went forward to Yun Jian.

Respectfully, his voice rang, "Sister Jian."

Before Yun Jian stood Zhang Zhifan who nodded at her.

The sight and his words flummoxed everyone.

They already knew that Zhang Zhifan was New Cruise’s general manager. Logically, someone who warranted a respectful term of address from him would definitely be his superior. It was also word of mouth that the CEO of New Cruise was a very young lady—what she looked like in particular was not mentioned.

However, combining Zhang Zhifan’s term of address and what Yun Jian had said earlier, there was a high chance that she was the famous CEO of New Cruise!

Qin Li and Zhu Jie were stupefied. Those who had mocked Yun Jian that the company she founded must have been a smalltime firm clammed up as well.

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