The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 462 - An Advance Pay Of New Year Call And A Total Disregard

Chapter 462 - An Advance Pay Of New Year Call And A Total Disregard

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded.

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During the minutes of astonishment, a man came down from the jeep behind the Volkswagen as well. It was Ge Junjian.

Dressed in proper casual attire, Ge Junjian who had shucked off his military uniform looked better and younger.

Another person alighted the Volkswagen too, hauling with him a large collection of gifts from the car, and came toward the group with Ge Junjian. Ge Junjian did not come empty-handed either, bringing with him a big hamper of precious torreya seeds.

Zhang Zhifan and Ge Junjian had apparently come together and both of them had come on the eve to pay a new year’s blessing to Yun Jian in advance.

The second person who came out from the Volkswagen was Bro Hei, a subordinate who had represented New Cruise when they attended the banquet Zhang Shaofeng’s father hosted previously.

As Bro Hei and Ge Junjian walked over, their hands were full of lavish gifts. Ge Junjian had gotten to know Zhang Zhifan previously through Yun Jian, so they had hit each other up to come to Xinjiang Town in advance to pay a new year’s blessing to Yun Jian.

Since they were both busy people and would not have the time to visit after Lunar New Year, it made sense for them to come earlier for it at Yun Jian’s hometown.

Yun Jian herself had no idea that they were coming.

Both Ge Junjian and Bro Hei placed the pile of gifts at the side of the door arriving at Zhang Meihua’s house and everyone else who was present looked toward those presents, noting that everything they had brought here was expensive items.

The bag of torreya seeds in Ge Junjian’s hand, for example, was not the most luxurious treat but it was rare for someone to pay a new year’s blessing with such a big bag —what was more, this was in 1998.

These visitors must not be ordinary people!

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"Sister Jian, the company’s going to be quite busy after Lunar New Year, so we’re coming today to pay you a new year call in advance," Zhang Zhifan explained to said girl.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded with a hum.

She understood why Ge Junjian came with Zhang Zhifan as well. While the former knew where Yun Jian was staying, he must not have known that she was currently in Xinjiang Town. Zhang Zhifan was originally from the town and was naturally clearer with the few locations that Yun Jian would be at in the town.

Getting along easily, both of them came together.

Ge Junjian was the head of the Advanced Special Forces. A high rank meant that he was occupied all year round. Even now, he had made time to pay Yun Jian a visit by delegating his task to his subordinates.

Yun Jian was happy to see the men.

"Come in and have a seat," she welcomed her visitors into the house with a smile.

Si Yi stayed by her side, pulling along Yun Zhu.

Although it was Zhang Meihua’s house, it seemed more like Yun Jian’s venue of receiving her guests now—not that Zhang Meihua had anything to say.

That was New Cruise’s general manager! She would die to curry favor with him, how would she be unwilling to welcome them? Making tea for the group, she had even gone to make tea eggs for them.

Qin Li, Zhu Jie, and the rest were totally neglected like they were outsiders.

Not long after they went into the house and Ge Junjian and Zhang Zhifan had just sat down, an astounded voice of a man rang abruptly. "O-officer Ge!"

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