The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 465 - Stay The Night. Spar With You

Chapter 465 - Stay The Night. Spar With You

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Receiving Ge Junjian’s word of assurance, Qin Yirou was considerably relieved. It was then the delight came. She was happy for Yun Jian’s outstanding ability.

Being Yun Jian’s mother, Qin Yirou was more than proud of her daughter at Ge Junjian’s commendation.

As for Qin Li and others who were completely neglected, they excused themselves meekly in succession, no longer having the face to stay here.

Zhang Meihua did not persuade them to stay either, occupied with serving Yun Jian, Ge Junjian, Zhang Zhifan, and others. She did not even have the time to see Qin Li and others off. Zhang Meihua was a realist. She clung to whoever was successful.

Before Ge Junjian and Zhang Zhifan came, Qin Li was undoubtedly the focus of attention working in the bureaucracy with a high rank, so Zhang Meihua had been obsequious to him. Now that she saw Ge Junjian and Zhang Zhifan, as well as Yun Jian, people who were umpteenth times better than Qin Li, Zhang Meihua was not even courteous enough to take out the time and send Qin Li off.

As the guests left, they left behind little mountains of tea eggshells and sunflower seed shells, peanuts, and whatnot which were used to welcome the visitors during Lunar New Year. These people who were visiting were basically considered this as their payment for the Lunar New Year.

Qin Yirou cleaned up the trash on the tables with Zhang Meihua and it was time Ge Junjian and Zhang Zhifan excused themselves.

It was nine o’clock at night, time fleeting past as they chatted.

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Needing at least two hours to return to Longmen City from Xinjiang Town, it would be later than eleven by the time Ge Junjian and Zhang Zhifan arrived.

"Why don’t you guys stay the night? There are enough rooms in the house to fit everyone." Back in her birth home, this was Qin Yirou asking guests to stay like a host for the first time. If it had been the past, she would never dare say so because Zhang Meihua’s house was also Yun Jian’s uncle, Qin Laiqian’s house.

Zhang Meihua and her late husband, Qin Youfu had kept the house for Qin Laiqian because their daughters were going to be married off once they grew up and they had only one son. It was a matter of course for the house to become Qin Laiqian’s property.

Married daughters were like splashed water, lost. Since Qin Yirou was married, there was no reason for her to come back to her maiden home.

Even if she did come back, she would upset her sister-in-law as Qin Laiqian was now a married man. While Zhang Meihua was still around, Qin Yirou can stay for some time in her maiden home after her divorce, but if Zhang Meihua passed later on, it would be awkward if Qin Yirou wanted to come back then.

These were the circ.u.mstances of the villagers, thus it was important for a girl to pick her husband properly when she got married. Having an elder brother by blood meant that it was impossible for the girl to go back and stay in her maiden home after a divorce.

It was due to this, and the fact that Qin Yirou did not know where to turn to if she divorced Yun Gang, back then she weathered the man’s gambling addiction. Qin Yirou had only picked up the courage and severed ties with Yun Gang when his affair was exposed and her children were supportive of her divorce.

"I still have things to tend to in the company, I’ll pass." Zhang Zhifan smiled apologetically at Qin Yirou.

"I’m free. Guess I can stay." Ge Junjian guffawed and turned to Yun Jian. "We’re usually busy. Yun Jian, I’d like to spar with you today!"

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