The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 466 - Buying Lollipops And Sparring On Her Behalf

Chapter 466 - Buying Lollipops And Sparring On Her Behalf

The delight that Ge Junjian wore was the thrill to be able to spar with a respected opponent. In all honesty, he had been thinking of this for a long time. It was not that he wanted to win Yun Jian, he enjoyed the exhilaration of battling a skilled opponent.

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It was obvious that it had been a long time since Ge Junjian met a worthy opponent as he had not wanted to pick a match with someone until today for a long time.

Ge Junjian’s invitation to fight was of a different nature from Qin Huan’s.

Qin Huan kept challenging Yun Jian purely to boast his superiority in front of everyone, while Ge Junjian wanted to spar with her because she was intimidatingly skilled.

To Ge Junjian, the exchange between two strong parties was meaningful.

The biggest difference that set off Ge Junjian and Qin Huan was that even if Ge Junjian ended up losing, he would not find an excuse or hold a grudge.

"Sister Jian, I’ll be leaving with Hei first," Zhang Zhifan told Yun Jian with a smile.

"Mm." Nodding at him, she saw both of them off.

Then, Yun Jian turned back to Ge Junjian with a glint in her eyes. "I accept!"

Ge Junjian was also a formidable opponent and Yun Jian would never underestimate an invitation from him.

"Jiejie, jiejie, what’s to spar? Xiao Zhu wants lollipops right now."

Right after Yun Jian said that, Yun Zhu who stood beside Si Yi pulled her clothes and told her with innocent doe eyes.

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"Take Xiao Zhu to buy lollipops." Si Yi thrust little Yun Zhu’s hand to Yun Jian in front of Ge Junjian and whoever was present, taking advantage of the situation and grabbing the girl’s hand as well.

"I..." Yun Jian was just about to tell him that she was going to spar with Ge Junjian upon accepting his call for a challenge.

It was like Si Yi knew what was on her mind. With his perfectly handsome side profile facing Ge Junjian, his eyes were gleaming unusually as he side-eyed the latter and said, "I’ll spar with you on her behalf."

Si Yi was not asking for either Yun Jian or Ge Junjian’s opinion. He was merely stating a fact—he was going to spar with Ge Junjian in place of Yun Jian.

Ge Junjian was taken aback when Si Yi suddenly stood up to say he was fighting him instead of Yun Jian. The man more or less had an idea of Yun Jian’s ability but he had no idea of her breaking point.

There was another intention in his challenge to Yun Jian this time—Ge Junjian would like to test where her limit was! He wanted to know how good Yun Jian actually was.

Surprisingly, Si Yi who stood behind Yun Jian holding Yun Zhu’s hand and had not been talking much, came up to say he was sparring with him in place of Yun Jian!

More importantly, Ge Junjian noted the unusual glint in the eyes of this nineteen years old young man.

Ge Junjian dared not guess Si Yi’s identity and the latter did not give him an opportunity to reject.

"Okay, I’ll take Xiao Zhu to get some lollipops." Yun Jian did not see the gleam in Si Yi’s eyes. When Yun Zhu caught her hand and peered up at her woefully, Yun Jian tugged him along to the sundry shop in Xinjiang Town without hesitation—not before letting Si Yi and Ge Junjian know.

Qin Yirou was not downstairs where they were, so she did not see it. As Ge Junjian and Si Yi were here, she and Zhang Meihua had gone to prepare the sheets for the empty rooms.

It was the winter now after all. While Zhe Province was not the coldest, one would easily catch a cold if they did not blanket themselves properly at night.

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