The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 467 - A Revisit And A First Encounter

Chapter 467 - A Revisit And A First Encounter

This meant that Si Yi and Ge Junjian, as well as Yun Yi who stood on the side, were the only ones left in the front yard.

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As for Qin Fenger, she was barred to her room by Zhang Meihua after being rude to Yun Jian. Qin Fenger was not scared of anyone except her grandmother—when the latter ordered her, she ran away in a huff. If she had not left, it was actually inevitable that she would be scathed.

Yun Jian might turn a blind eye and not do anything to Qin Fenger as long as she did not do anything that crossed the line. However Si Yi was there, anyone who did his woman dirty was going to end up horribly!

Liu Xiuxiu who had wanted to harm Yun Jian back then, devised a plan to drug Yun Jian so she could humiliate the latter with o.b.s.c.e.n.e videos of her and other men. However the former was sold to prostitution by Si Yi’s people in the end.

Si Yi was not a kind-hearted man in any way. Those who wished harm upon his girl, even when they were girls themselves, would be killed without mercy.

The saying that gentlemen did not hit women originated from incapable people. If Si Yi had to stand and watch his woman being harassed, he should be called a coward instead of Si Yi.

Yun Jian was not there for whatever happened after that, holding Yun Zhu’s hand and going toward the sundry shop in Xinjiang Town.

Shops in Xinjiang Town were usually opened until ten because most of the locals turned in for the night after eight.

This shop had really long business hours for opening until ten but it was an exception since today was Lunar New Year Eve. Other than very young children, everyone else was staying up for the night. Children who were around elementary school age, especially, were the most interested in staying up for red packets.

In addition, it was a trend for people in town to light up fireworks and firecrackers on the dot of Lunar New Year’s day.

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Before midnight came, people were swarming the shop to buy firecrackers.

Hence, small businesses that knew how to manage themselves would usually stay open until it was past 12am on the eve of Lunar New Year.

General knowledge like this was something Yun Jian had never heard of or experienced in her past life. Living life on the edge and being wary of everyone around her, lest she was killed for putting her guard down, Yun Jian had never lived a peaceful life as a normal girl.

It was why she cherished what she had now.

Yun Jian took Yun Zhu to a shop nearby.

It was the one she had gone to call Gu Sha’s Tiger.Leopard when she just got rebirthed.

The owner of the shop was an old man and when Yun Jian had first come to the shop, it was the elder who asked her with a leisure wave of his fan "What would you like to buy?"

When Yun Jian stepped into the shop once more with Yun Zhu today, the shopkeeper could recognize her at first glance, exclaiming, "Hey, aren’t you the young lady who came to my shop to make a phone call a few months ago?"

Yun Jian blinked, entering with Yun Zhu and asking with piqued interest, "Do you know me?"

"Young lady, this old man doesn’t have a good memory but I remember you! Very clearly! I’ve been running this shop for years but that was my first time seeing someone making a call and spilling the language of a foreigner—then hanging up without waiting for a reply! Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve seen your way of talking on the phone!"

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