The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 469 - He’s Unhappy And He’s Possessive

Chapter 469 - He’s Unhappy And He’s Possessive

Just her luck to encounter something like this when she was only out to buy some snacks. Yun Jian’s eyes glinted.

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"Jiejie..." Little Yunzhu panicked. Gripping Yun Jian’s sleeves in fear, however, he put his tiny self in front of her with the intention to block his sister from the firecrackers.

Yun Zhu was young but anyone could sense danger, especially him who had heightened senses due to his previous life’s experience. With an impending threat, Yun Zhu’s instant reaction was to stop it from harming Yun Jian.

"Xiao Zhu, come here!" Yun Jian called out softly and grabbed Yun Zhu with ease, pulling him aside as she sidestepped as well.

Her agile movement shocked those whippersnappers’ parents who were watching the situation from afar anxiously.

Yun Jian had spun and avoided the firecrackers from the side at an extremely fast speed. Those children had thrown the lit firecrackers to her, but she made it look so easy as she moved away from the handful of mini explosives with Yun Zhu.

"Wow, that’s amazing..." The crew cut boy who had lit those firecrackers and thrown them at the sibling pair gaped in astonishment, staring at Yun Jian like he had seen something miraculous.

However, he was swiftly hit with a slap on his head by his parents before he finished his words.

"How do I teach you guys usually? I bought you all firecrackers and all you come up with is mischief?" The mother of the crew cut boy gave him a few hits and confiscated all the firecrackers he had.

"No more playing! Go apologize to the older sister right now!" The mother took away said firecrackers and pushed the bunch of kids to Yun Jian for an apology.

Being reprimanded by their parents, the whippersnappers could only apologize whether they liked it or not.

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Yun Jian glanced at them and tugged Yun Zhu along their way without mentioning if she accepted their apology. The mother of the kids did not say more.

By the time the siblings got home to Zhang Meihua’s, there was a small square foldable table set outside of it. Two people sat on the left and right of the table while someone stood beside it.

It was none other than Ge Junjian and Si Yi who sat on the sides while Yun Yi stood by them. Who knew if their sparring had ended but Ge Junjian was currently playing a game of Chinese chess with Si Yi excitedly.

Their sparring probably had come to an end then.

When Yun Jian went over with Yun Zhu, she saw Ge Junjian looking at Si Yi with thrill and respect as he played.

"You’re back?" Si Yi turned to ask Yun Zhu but his gaze was directed at Yun Jian. He was seated on a short stool so he could only look up at her.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded.

Si Yi beamed, an infectious smile curving his lips.

"Si Yi-gege, someone threw firecrackers at me and jiejie just now." Yun Zhu pouted and his emotion was evident from his expression. He was unhappy.

"Hmm?" Si Yi’s attention was withdrawn from the game as he turned to scan Yun Zhu and Yun Jian, relaxing only when he noticed that they were safe.

Ge Junjian who caught the scene could not help chuckling secretly.

If he guessed it correctly, Si Yi had stopped Yun Jian from sparring with him with the worry that he would have body contact with her during the battle. This young man was insanely skilled and possessive!

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