The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 47 - Caught The Mistress. Wrenching

Chapter 47 - Caught The Mistress. Wrenching

"Thinking to leave here alive without an explanation?"

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Yun Jian’s indifferent but overly bold words echoed in the onlookers’ ears.

Should such words come from an underage girl?

If Yun Jian had spoken the same line from the beginning, no one would take her seriously.

Now, however, they could already feel a shudder running through them recalling Yun Jian’s actions just now.

"Bah! You brat, what are you talking about? Who are you trying to scare? I’ve been accustomed to intimidation since I was a kid, do you think I’ll be scared of you?"

From the start, the mistress had a feisty character. She had wanted to escape amidst the chaos when realizing that she would not be able to gain anything, not expecting Yun Jian to strike again. Her temper erupted at once, making her shout at Yun Jian.

Also from Xinjiang Town, the mistress was about thirty years old but looked like she was in her twenties having taken good care of herself.

The reason she had attached herself to Yun Gang was that the gambling addict did not always lose when he went to the casino. There were even times when he won hundreds of thousands.

Unmistakably, Yun Gang had never brought home the money he had won, using them to buy luxury purses for the mistress instead. They lived lavishly in delight.

That was why the mistress was entangled with Yun Gang and why Qin Yirou thought that Yun Gang had never won in the casino. – He did win but it had all gone to his mistress.

Having come here today, it was because Yun Gang had disappeared, fleeing after borrowing from the loan sharks. Since her money tree was gone, the mistress thought that she might as well throw a fit at Qin Yirou’s house.

She had the audacity to ask for compensation and whatnot, obviously refused by Qin Yirou, causing both of them to engage in an argument and progressing into this current state.

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Yun Jian ignored the mistress’ brazen words and continued to walk toward her.

"Xiao Jian, what are you doing?" Yun Zheng asked.

His heart was thumping hard; for some reason, he had a premonition that something was going to happen.

The mistress on the other side was completely unaware of the approaching danger. Rather, she patted down her hair and flicked her hand, looking at Yun Jian scornfully as she continued to mock her.

"Your old hag of a mother, can you blame me when she can’t stop her husband from having a lover? If I have to say it aloud, a woman old and ugly like your mom, even if she dies, it’s not worthy of – ah!"

The rest of her words were stuck in the mistress’ throat as Yun Jian flashed in front of the woman with a swift step.

With an iron grip, she grabbed a fistful of the mistress’s hair and dragged her along.

"Ah! What are you doing? You insolent brat, bastard child! Let go of your dirty hands!" The mistress tried to retaliate but with each struggle, she realized that she could not even touch the edge of Yun Jian’s clothes; she had no idea that Yun Jian’s silence signified her impending doom, so her sharp tongue turned more venomous.

"You’ve pulled my mom’s hair just now, haven’t you? It’s time for your payback now." Yun Jian’s low tone was audible to everyone as she kept her clutch on the woman’s hair.

The audience once again felt chills.

A terrifying scene greeted them the next second.

With one hand holding the mistress down, Yun Jian’s other hand grabbed her hair and wrenched it harshly.

Like tugging wool from sheep, a fistful of the mistress’ hair was jerked off her scalp by Yun Jian.

Once Yun Jian was done, she moved on to wrench another fistful of hair, stopping only when the mistress had passed out from screaming, her once pretty hair now yanked off and was bleeding from the scalp.

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