The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 470 - Have Some Ch.i.p.s. Guileful Si Yi

Chapter 470 - Have Some Ch.i.p.s. Guileful Si Yi

Little Yun Zhu liked Si Yi-gege because Si Yi would help him and also buy him sweets or toys. Children were innocent, trusting and depending on whoever was nice to them.

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Therefore, with a pout, Yun Zhu spilled everything that happened just now. His tone was even tinged with a w.h.i.n.e of being bullied.

When Si Yi heard that someone threw lit firecrackers at Yun Zhu and Yun Jian, his long fingers that were moving chess pieces paused. Bringing his hand back, he stood up from the stool and took a long stride to Yun Zhu.

His gaze cast downward at the boy, a gleam of slight anger flashed across his eyes.

"Who threw it at you?" Si Yi spoke up after a few seconds of silence.

Ge Junjian, who picked up a cup of tea since Si Yi had suddenly stopped their game, was blowing at the hot liquid and had almost spit the water out when he heard what Si Yi said.

Once he thought about Si Yi’s intimidating skill then combining it with his current wife-loving maniac face and the words he had just uttered, the atmosphere felt subtle to Ge Junjian.

Somehow, what Si Yi just said did not quite match his earlier formidable skills.

"We aren’t hurt. It’s just a prank from some kids." Yun Jian thought that Si Yi would probably bring Yun Zhu and barge into those whippersnappers’ houses if she did not explain the situation.

For real, Si Yi was someone like that. He was biased and protective towards his own people, exactly like Yun Jian.

It was Lunar New Year’s Eve today. Families were happily spending time together and staying up for the night. If Si Yi actually made his way to the children’s house, he might alert Qin Yirou and others, subsequently causing a scene.

A good year needed a good and happy start.

As expected, Si Yi’s threatening gaze faded at Yun Jian’s reply.

"Young man, come on! Let’s continue this game! Yun Jian’s so capable, why are you even worrying? Haha!" Ge Junjian waved Si Yi over, his tone teasing.

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To the a.d.u.l.ts, Si Yi and Yun Jian matched each other very well! Come on, both of them were equally terrifying in their abilities! It seemed to Ge Junjian that his aged body was lacking now.

Si Yi ruffled Yun Zhu’s hair and stared at Yun Jian before going back to sit down before Ge Junjian with a smile. Both of them continued their game of Chinese chess.

The night of Lunar New Year’s Eve was long but it was not lonely.

Little Yun Zhu pulled Yun Jian to sit down beside Si Yi and watched him play while his little hand dipped into the bag of Lay’s ch.i.p.s and munched on them noisily. Yun Zhu even pushed a potato chip in front of Yun Jian, telling her, "Jiejie, have one."

Yun Jian nodded easily at that.

Little Yun Zhu also shared his favorite potato ch.i.p.s with Ge Junjian and Yun Yi before giving some to Si Yi. "Si Yi-gege, have some."

"I’m playing chess. Xiao Zhu can feed me." Si Yi wore a smirk. He had a free hand but he was not using it to fetch himself some ch.i.p.s.

Yun Jian was sitting beside him and Yun Zhu who was sitting beside Yun Jian could barely reach the foldable table with his little arms.

"Jiejie, feed Si Yi-gege," said little Yun Zhu to Yun Jian as he was unable to reach Si Yi, his short arms only enough to reach Yun Jian. He could not even touch Si Yi when he tried.

Ge Junjian who was sitting on the opposite was speechless, so was Yun Yi who stood on the side.

The corner of Yun Jian’s lips twitched.

Oblivious to the situation, Yun Zhu nudged with his stretched arm. "Jiejie, come on. My hand is sore from holding the ch.i.p.s up!"

Yun Jian, who heard Yun Zhu’s complaint picked up the chip and fed it to Si Yi immediately.

Side eyeing her, Si Yi’s lips came in contact with Yun Jian’s hand when he was fed the chip—who knew if he was being intentional. There was a tingle on Yun Jian’s finger and she pulled back swiftly.

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