The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 471 - Bought Over. Make Do For The Night

Chapter 471 - Bought Over. Make Do For The Night

How dare he act so presumptuous in front of Ge Junjian and her elder brother, Yun Yi! A gush of warmth coursed through Yun Jian’s heart but it was accompanied by a sliver of fury.

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Si Yi had only smiled at her reaction, a devious smirk tugging on his handsome face.

Yun Yi who stood on the side smirked as well. That was his brother-in-law whom he had personally tested!

If Yun Jian had known what Yun Yi was thinking, she would definitely grumble.

"It’s good," Si Yi commented abruptly. There was another smirk and an arch of his eyebrow on his ineffably gorgeous face when he continued to say, "I want more."

Yun Jian was speechless. How had she not realized that he liked potato ch.i.p.s so much?

Yun Zhu was already nudging the bag of snacks in front of her. "Here, jiejie. Si Yi-gege says he wants more."

Quietly, Yun Jian took some ch.i.p.s out of the bag and fed them to Si Yi.

It came as a surprise that the person who had the most ch.i.p.s from this bag then became Si Yi. When some chip crumbs were all that was left, Yun Zhu hugged the bag of Lay’s close to him and was reluctant to offer Si Yi more, whining, "Si Yi-gege, you’re awful! You had the most! Jiejie bought this for me, you can’t have any more!"

Little Yun Zhu pouted for effect, clinging to his potato ch.i.p.s.

"I’ll get you 100 bags in return after we finish this one." Si Yi took his turn in the Chinese chess game and flicked Yun Zhu’s head with his chiseled hand while he waited for Ge Junjian to contemplate his next move.

Yun Zhu’s eyes sparkled as he asked in a thrill, "Really? Si Yi-gege will buy it for Xiao Zhu later?"

"We’ll go after this game finishes," Si Yi replied with a half-smile looking down.

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"Yay! Jiejie, you can feed all these to Si Yi-gege. I’ll go buy more later!" Bought over, Yun Zhu thrust the bag of ch.i.p.s to Yun Jian and clapped his hands in excitement.

Looking at the remaining crisps in the bag, Yun Jian felt like sighing with a palm to her forehead.

After some time, the round of Chinese chess came to an end.

Si Yi checkmated Ge Junjian and won the game.

"Young man, I’m an elder still. You should give in a little!" Ge Junjian m.o.a.n.e.d in frustration.

"Good game." Si Yi stood up. His short hair was ruffled by the night breeze as he smiled, a mirthful expression asking for a punch.

"No more!" Ge Junjian cried, spreading his arms.

That was what Si Yi thought as he smiled and went to tug Yun Zhu along to the sundry shop.

As they left, Yun Zhu’s hand was still holding Yun Jian, so the latter was pulled along to go to the shop by Si Yi through Yun Zhu.

"I’m old now! I’m no longer sharp!" Ge Junjian chuckled good-naturedly and stood up. Yun Yi replied with a smiling nod while Qin Yirou came down just in time after preparing the rooms.

"Mom, I’ll head upstairs now." Since Qin Yirou had come back downstairs, Yun Yi excused himself to his room as there would be someone with their honorable guest, Ge Junjian, now.

"Ay, sure." Qin Yirou answered with a nod.

Consequently, there were only Ge Junjian and Qin Yirou left downstairs.

"Officer Ge, the bed is ready. We’re all villagers and aren’t very well off. Please make do for the night." Qin Yirou rubbed her wet hands on the apron she wore and told Ge Junjian awkwardly.

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