The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 475 - Stepping On His Toes. Say It Again

Chapter 475 - Stepping On His Toes. Say It Again

Wei Jin bawled and wailed, aching Mu Lanhua’s heart.

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She tugged her precious grandson up hurriedly and checked him from head to toe, muttering, "Oh, my baby grandson! Where does it hurt, baby? Grandma will blow on it, it won’t hurt after that..."

Anxious, Mu Lanhua scanned Wei Jin repeatedly to make sure that he was perfectly fine before hostilely turning around to glare at Yun Jian and her company.

This was their family’s only heir! All she had was this grandson of this generation! Although she had granddaughters, no amount of granddaughters was as valuable as her grandson!

Mu Lanhua coddled Wei Jin since he was a baby, spoiled him rotten and worried about him getting a scr.a.p.e or a bruise. Yet, her precious grandson was shoved!

This infuriated her. Pointing a wrinkly and withered finger at Si Yi, she squawked, "Did you push my grandson just now?"

Wei Jin who hid behind her grandmother stuck his tongue out at Yun Zhu with a wiggle of his body when he heard his grandmother standing up for him. It was obvious that the brat had gotten more brazen due to her smothering.

Yun Zhu was young but he understood what Wei Jin implied, anger and frustration rising within him.

"You’re awful!" Yun Zhu glared back at him and got pulled back by Yun Jian when he took two steps forward.

"I didn’t push him." There was no hint of fright on Si Yi as a corner of his lips quirked upward into a scoff.

He had not actually pushed Wei Jin.

He had grabbed Wei Jin’s wrist just now because the latter was going to shove Yun Zhu. When he let go of his grip, it was true that he had overlooked Wei Jin’s balance but he did not make any advance on the boy.

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Wei Jin was all meaty flesh, his stubby little self falling to the floor on his own.

Moreover, so what if Si Yi did push him? It was already merciful of him when he did not kill Wei Jin for bullying Yun Zhu right before his eyes.

If Yun Jian’s family were not settled here and the implication of his action hindering him, Si Yi would just kill Wei Jin there and then without talking so much!

Children were innocent, but Si Yi was never an angelic soul when he could become the leader of An Hun Group. For Yun Jian, however, he could reel himself back now.

"You didn’t push him? Why is my precious grandson on the floor if you didn’t push him? Young man, you look quite dashing but how are you so unreasonable? Huh! My grandson is only a child. Is this even fair when you won’t admit that you’ve pushed him?" Mu Lanhua ran her mouth.

People around them chimed in immediately at that.

"Yeah, could the child fall down himself? This young man’s really something... Denying it after shoving someone!"

This came from a nosy woman in town. She loved gossiping and chorusing whatever commotion there was, but she did not even see if Si Yi had pushed Wei Jin to the floor.

"Si Yi-gege... they’re all bad!" Yun Zhu tugged the corner of Si Yi’s clothes timidly but shrunk into Yun Jian.

Si Yi’s gaze turned sharp and piercing, a brow arched on his gorgeous face, as he stayed quiet.

Mu Lanhua was fuming after rebuking Si Yi for a while but noticed that he was disregarding her when she spotted Yun Jian who stood beside the young man.

She thought Yun Jian to be easy to persuade when she looked fresh and pretty, so she decided to turn it to her. "Young lady, oh, are you this young man’s girlfriend? I’m telling you from experience, you should leave people like this, the sooner the better, the farther the better. He..."

"Say it again!" Si Yi cut Mu Lanhua off, his cutting eyes running a shiver down Mu Lanhua.

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