The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 476 - No Need To Sell Them To Her, The Case Of Ten Times The Price

Chapter 476 - No Need To Sell Them To Her, The Case Of Ten Times The Price

Si Yi shifted his sideways glance at Yun Jian to look at Mu Lanhua directly. There was a killing intent in his eyes that flared.

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"What did you just say? Say it again!" He repeated his words but his tone was chilling. It was as if he would kill Mu Lanhua if she dared repeat what she said just now.

Mu Lanhua was shocked by Si Yi’s abrupt change in demeanor, a chill running down her old spine. The people who gathered around to watch the argument shuddered from fright as well.

"Why-why-why... Why should I say it? Just-just because you-you-you... ask me to?" Mu Lanhua was so intimidated by Si Yi’s tone that she stammered.

Nonetheless, she had lived long enough in this world. People like Mu Lanhua would never get scared without tangible pain.

A chuckle left Si Yi when he saw how Mu Lanhua was petrified.

How dare this old hag make her leave him! This was something Si Yi would never allow to happen!

Someone he had set his heart on would be his even if she was dead—no one could take her away!

Moving his hand, his long fingers went to his h.i.p.s where his belt was. There, a pistol lay hidden.

Since this old hag had crossed the line, he should not be held to the constraint.

Although killing someone was troublesome, it was only a matter of a word for An Hun to thoroughly wipe a person out from this world.

Besides, since when was Si Yi ever restrained by anyone?

Just as Si Yi was going to pull out his gun from his h.i.p.s, a pair of soft hands held onto his.

Side-eyeing the owner of the hands, Yun Jian was shaking her pretty face. She meant to say "Don’t kill anyone".

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Yun Jian’s gesture in addition to her hands holding Si Yi’s dissipated the latter’s anger in a flash, so he let go of his grip.

Yun Jian had stopped Si Yi not because she could not see him killing someone—because the number of people she had killed in her past life could pave a path made of blood, they were the same people—but because she did not want Yun Zhu to revisit a traumatic scene.

More importantly, it was Lunar New Year’s Eve. Quoting Qin Yirou, a new year should be welcomed in peace and warmth so everyone could stay safe and blessed in the year ahead.

Mu Lanhua had no idea that she had just escaped death but she was already fearful of Si Yi. The aura the latter emitted frightened her.

"Whammy! Bad luck!" Mu Lanhua glared at Si Yi and swept it over Yun Jian and Yun Zhu as well, chiding and pulling Wei Jin toward the shop.

While she went away, she was still mumbling, "Jinjin, let’s go! Grandma will pamper you! Grandma will buy you lots of yummy snacks!"

As she spoke, she sounded conceited.

Wei Jin lived separated from his parents. Mu Lanhua coddled him and took care of him indulgently. The boy’s parents worked away from them and would only come back during Lunar New Year. As they worked in construction sites, they were paid handsomely. Consequently, Mu Lanhua had never denied anything Wei Jin wanted.

In a 1998 town setting, Mu Lanhua’s family was considerably rich. Therefore, when she spoke, she spoke with an arrogant tone.

On the contrary, Si Yi was dressed plainly on this trip to Xinjiang Town. His clothes were from street vendors, but for some reason he was matching with Yun Jian. It made Mu Lanhua assume that Si Yi was poor since the start, thus her overbearing attitude.

"Mister, give my grandson five bags of ch.i.p.s! Ten lollipops! Oh, right, and ten packets of Oishi!" As if worried that others did not know how wealthy she was, Mu Lanhua yelled at the top of her lungs once she entered the shop.

"Sure!" The shopkeeper nodded with a smile.

Si Yi and Yun Jian were entering the shop with Yun Zhu as well when Mu Lanhua looked at them tauntingly like she was asking "Can you guys afford this?".

"No need to sell them to her. I’ll buy everything in this shop for ten times the price." Si Yi’s hand slipped into his pants pocket and pulled out a bank card to toss it on the counter.

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