The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 477 - Wicked Si Yi. You Can Leave Now

Chapter 477 - Wicked Si Yi. You Can Leave Now

Ten times! He wanted to buy everything in the shop!

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When people there watched Si Yi toss the bank card on the register and announced what he did, they were dumbfounded.

This shop had been in business for years and sold all sorts of goods. To buy everything there, however, would require at least tens of thousands of yuan and Si Yi was saying that he would buy them at ten times their price! That would be hundreds of thousands!

That amount of money could start a considerably-scaled supermarket in this era!

Point was, he was that rich?

How Si Yi was dressed told nothing about him, but maybe it was his strong dominating aura that felt like he was born a king, everyone there believed that he could actually produce that much money.

Moreover, the card that Si Yi tossed was real.

"Uh... this..." The old man shopkeeper was stunned.

He was standing right behind the cash register, watched Si Yi toss the card and say what he said, and was now at a loss about how to react.

As for Mu Lanhua and Wei Jin, they stood there dumbly.

Mu Lanhua was dumbstruck, with extreme disbelief in her eyes as she stared at Si Yi looking like she had seen a ghost.

Did the card really contain that much money?

There was no way someone who brought a bank card containing hundreds of thousands yuan with him anywhere he went was someone ordinary!—But he wore cheap clothes!

Mu Lanhua could not figure it out. Why was Si Yi dressed so poorly when he was so rich?

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The young man’s deep voice rang again.

"Oh, right, this card has five million US dollars. Take the card, the password’s six eights. You can bring it to the bank for verification then pass the goods in the shop to me," Si Yi acted like the recall was sudden as he ran his fingers through his short hair and told the shopkeeper casually.

Five million US dollars!

Everyone there nearly fainted at the confession. The card had five million US dollars!

If that was converted to Chinese yuan, it was thirty million Chinese yuan!—Thirty million!

Millionaires usually referred to people with assets worth millions of their respective currency, and in 1998 someone who could be titled a millionaire was rare and few.

Then came Si Yi—who flashed a card containing thirty million yuan!

What kind of horror was this!

"You... I... You..." Mu Lanhua was not stupid. She could tell that Si Yi was basically giving her a loud slap in public by doing so.

In fact, she was already regretting her ways when Si Yi said that he was buying everything in the shop at ten times the price. She had spoken rudely to Si Yi all because she guessed that he was a pauper’s child since he was dressed plainly.

Now with what the young man had done, no one would refuse to believe it even if he claimed himself to be a certain rich man’s son in Country Z.

"I’m fine. This shop is mine now. I don’t plan to sell anything to you, you can leave now." Si Yi narrowed his eyes at Mu Lanhua, his expression a scoff.

"Don’t forget to take your grandson with you too," he reminded.

Honestly, the five-million-US-dollar card was the card with the least cash on Si Yi. The sum was nothing to him. After all, the secret agents and assassins under An Hun would never accept missions offering lower than five million US dollars. As for the elite secret agents and assassins, they were worth even higher commission.

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