The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 478 - A Family Fight: Loving Herself More

Chapter 478 - A Family Fight: Loving Herself More

Mu Lanhua was a materialistic old woman. Her biggest pride when she was out and about was her money-making son.

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Usually, she dressed herself up lavishly and obtrusively like a bourgeois old lady, while she looked down at poorer families. In between that, she was making acquaintances with rich housewives.

Mu Lanhua had not been courteous to Si Yi and Yun Jian from the start but she was now speechless.

"Grandma! It hurts!" Wei Jin, as a child, did not have much grasp on the concept of a large sum of money. When he saw Mu Lanhua not standing up for him like she usually did, he put his hands on his b.u.t.t.o.c.k.s and shouted at her in a wail.

His demand was clear,

Mu Lanhua would try to get anything for him, even when he asked for the stars, every time she heard his cries. Today, however, his grandmother was indifferent even when she heard his bawl.

Wei Jin was antsy. He wanted Mu Lanhua to avenge him, so he pulled the end of her clothes and urged, "Grandma, Jinjin is hurt! He pushed me, he pushed Jinjin just now!"

Wei Jin had already ceased whining when Mu Lanhua took him into the shop to get snacks but when he saw Yun Zhu making faces and laughing at him, he was infuriated again.

"Be good, Jinjin. Grandma will take you home!" Too humiliated to stay here, Mu Lanhua grabbed Wei Jin with the intention to head outside.

"No! Jinjin wants grandma to help Jinjin! I want Oishi! And ch.i.p.s and milk! Jinjin won’t go back otherwise! I’m not going home!" Wei Jin kicked up a fuss once he was pulled to the door.

Mu Lanhua was enraged at that. She had lost her pride because of her grandson today.

Nonetheless, this was her grandson!

She squatted down to look at Wei Jin and said softly, "Jinjin, let’s go home. Grandma will make yummy food for you when we get back!"

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The shop was bought by Si Yi and the latter had explicitly stated that she was not welcomed. Everyone out there was just looking at her like she was the b.u.t.t of the joke.

Mu Lanhua wanted to flee home as soon as she could. She was not about to stay in the public’s eyes and be at the receiving end of their gloating stares.

In spite of it, Wei Jin was a child who was spoiled from the moment of his birth.

When Mu Lanhua pulled him, he was unhappier and refused to let go of his grip on the doorframe. He wailed, "No! No! Grandma, I want snacks! I want! Buy them for me! Buy them!"

"Jinjin, be good!"

Mu Lanhua was bending down to tug the boy when he began kicking and flailing in his tantrum.


During his fuss, Wei Jin’s fingernail scratched Mu Lanhua’s face.

At the stinging pain that consumed her, Mu Lanhua could not help screeching. Everyone saw a long, deep gash on Mu Lanhua’s cheek where Wei Jin’s sharp fingernail had cut her in the next second.

Blood seeped from the mark swiftly. It was not a lot but the face was, after all, a woman’s most prized body part. Even when Mu Lanhua was old now, she treasured her face.

Mu Lanhua shrieked at the stinging pain and the moment she touched the blood that oozed from her cheek because Wei Jin had scratched her, she pounced at him in berserk, shouting, "Grandma loves you so much and you do this to me. Where’s your conscience? Do you have a heart?"

Mu Lanhua loved her grandson but she loved herself more.

As everyone watched what happened, they were shocked by the change of events.

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