The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 48 - This Is The Repercussion of Bullying My Mom

Chapter 48 - This Is The Repercussion of Bullying My Mom

The mistress lying on the ground was now bald, with her black hair littered all around the ground. Her scalp was profusely bleeding but no one around them stepped up to help.

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Mistresses from a.d.u.l.teries had always been the most loathed presence. What was more, this mistress was vehement and unabashed even when she knew she was the third party of one’s marriage.

Other than Qin Yirou who was still engulfed in her anguish and did not notice Yun Jian’s doing, everyone else around them looked at the girl in horror. Some of them had even turned around, unable to stomach the gory scene.

"From now on, this is the repercussion of whoever dares bully my mom!" Yun Jian was frighteningly quiet when she spoke calmly and pointed at the unconscious mistress.

"And, if anyone among you dares spread rumors about what happened today, I’ll make sure they won’t be able to speak forever. If you don’t believe me, you can very well try!" Yun Jian’s deep eyes scanned the audience.

Yun Gang had an affair, his mistress guiltlessly came to ask for money and beat the wife up.

Yun Jian knew that the gossipers among the current onlookers would exaggerate and add their own take to the story before long if she did not speak up first.

She would never allow something like this to happen.

Perhaps it was because of Yun Jian’s ruthless action just now. No one dared to make a sound.

Everyone was thinking about only one thing. – The girl was only fifteen years old yet she did not even blink having done something so callous.

A while later, the crowd dispersed quietly.

Yun Zheng hesitated for some time before walking up to Yun Jian. Looking at his niece who now seemed so unfamiliar to him, he pressed his lips together. "Xiao Jian, you..."

Words had come to the edge of his lips but they were swallowed again.

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He could not be asking Yun Jian to abandon her father, could he? That was his biological younger brother after all.

"Uncle, thank you for asking Xiaoya to inform me. I’ll take mom home first then." Yun Jian alleviated the awkward atmosphere and went to help Qin Yirou up from the bench before they slowly made their way home.

Yun Gang was the culprit of all these happenings yet he had fled alone and left only troubles for Qin Yirou.

Yun Jian decided that she could not let her mother go on living with such a man.

Any intention to sort out the matter had only made it more complicated. This should have come to an end ages ago.

Upon returning home, Yun Jian sat Qin Yirou down and poured her a glass of warm water.

Qin Yirou had not uttered a word during their walk home; Yun Jian’s heart ached for her.

A few days ago when Qin Yirou had an accident, it was not known where Yun Gang her husband was. Now, his lover came knocking at their door.

He had even left them with a huge amount of debt but was nowhere to be found.

Although Yun Jian had repaid the debt, a person like this was unworthy of being her father.

Yun Jian made Qin Yirou dinner and left the house punctually at 5:50pm. She did not forget Li Xiangyi’s invitation even though Qin Yirou’s current state was still worrisome.

"Mom, I’m heading out for a bit. Remember to have dinner! Health is ours, don’t mistreat yourself," Yun Jian tucked a few strands of Qin Yirou’s silver hair behind her ear coming, as she approached her with a somber tone.

"Go along, Xiao Jian. I’m okay, I’m fine, really." Qin Yirou forced the words out of her pale lips, pulling them into a futile smile to appease Yun Jian.

Yun Jian nodded, knowing that she should give Qin Yirou some time alone to digest the events. Settling her chores, she went out of the door toward the new bar that Li Xiangyi mentioned.

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