The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 480 - Good Night Then

Chapter 480 - Good Night Then

It was unintentional when Si Yi caught sight of Yun Jian’s sweet smile. He beamed as well at the sight with crinkled eyes.

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When Yun Jian and Si Yi brought Yun Zhu back to Zhang Meihua’s house, Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian were already so engrossed in their chat that they had not realized when Yun Jian came to open the door.

As they chatted, they spilled grievances they had felt over the years to each other, finally feeling freed from the heavy baggage they kept in their heart. Both Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian had buried their true feelings to the deepest part of themselves throughout the years, preventing others from discerning their past pains.

Just now, however, they opened their hearts and poured the content out with the idea that they were merely acquainted outsiders to each other, it was fine even when they were honest. Hence, both of them talked endlessly.

It was then that Yun Jian, Si Yi, and little Yun Zhu came back.

"You guys are back?" Qin Yirou asked when she saw the three of them coming in.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded.

Little Yun Zhu who stood between her and Si Yi holding onto their hands was already nodding with drowsiness. His eyes were turning into narrow slits as he tried to stop himself from dozing off.

Yun Zhu was still a growing child. Yun Jian let go of his hand to squat down and look at him, telling him, "Xiao Zhu, you should go to sleep now. Jiejie will put you to bed, okay?"

Children around Yun Zhu’s age were usually eager to stay up until 12am in anticipation of red packets from the a.d.u.l.ts. It was just exciting for kids their age to be doing it.

With his eyes protesting, Yun Zhu struggled to keep them open as he shook his head. His puffy little cheeks were soft, prompting Yun Jian’s c.a.r.e.s.s as she said, "If you go to sleep now, you get to wear new clothes when you wake up—you get to receive a red packet from Si Yi-gege too! You won’t get it if you don’t sleep now, though!"

Yun Jian coaxed and it worked.

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"No, Xiao Zhu will go to sleep now!" Little Yun Zhu sprinted off in front of Yun Jian and went up the stairs.

"Xiao Zhu, be careful!" Qin Yirou followed him up when she saw the boy skipping upstairs. Yun Zhu usually slept with her when she was home.

Relief washed over Yun Jian as she thought that kids were not easy to deal with. You would have to wheedle them right where it mattered or they would not listen to you.

Ge Junjian was fl.u.s.tered and headed upstairs as well when he saw that he, Yun Jian and Si Yi were the only ones left, claiming that he was going to look for Qin Yirou to ask her where he was sleeping.

Consequently, Yun Jian and Si Yi were the only ones downstairs.

Realizing it, Yun Jian’s eyes flitted around before she tugged the corner of her lips. "I’ll be heading to my room too."

She went upstairs, to which Si Yi followed closely.

The room for Yun Jian was on the third floor and was only a wall away from Si Yi’s room.

Zhang Meihua’s house had a lot of rooms but it was no mansion. Each room here was connected with only a wall separating them.

Yun Jian did not plan to stay up. At her age, it did not seem to matter much. Standing in her room, she looked at Si Yi who stood outside of her door and gestured to close it, telling him, "Good night then."

Yun Jian pushed the door to close it but before it came to a close, the door was stuck. A tall figure slipped inside and closed the door.

Si Yi’s handsome face came a lot closer to Yun Jian as he grinned. "I want to sleep in the same room with you."

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