The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 482 - Slept Soundly, Slept With Me

Chapter 482 - Slept Soundly, Slept With Me

Yun Jian reacted swiftly. She flipped around and bent her legs to kick him off the bed; only for Si Yi to trap them with his own ease the moment she stretched them over from under the blanket.

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"You..." Yun Jian parted her cherry lips.

"Sleep." Si Yi lied on his side and looked at her with a smirk on his handsome face. With that, one of his hands trapped Yun Jian’s legs while another went for the light switch near the bed.

The room was swept into darkness once the light was turned off.

They were still in the compromising position before the light was turned off, but Yun Jian ceased moving now. It was fortunate that it was pitch black. Other than the faint breaths of Si Yi who was incredibly close to her, she sensed nothing else.

It was as if what he just said was magic as Yun Jian quietened down instantly.

"Mm." Unconsciously following him, Yun Jian nodded docilely in the dark.

It came as a surprise when a powerful strength pulled her over just as she nodded her agreement. Si Yi who lied beside her had pulled her over with a change of hands.

In the next second, the scent that was uniquely Si Yi heightened as he had pulled Yun Jian into his embrace. Other than that, however, he did not make any additional move.

"Sleep." After some time, Yun Jian who lay against Si Yi’s c.h.e.s.t heard his deep rumble.

"Mm." Coaxed by his deep voice, she stopped rejecting him, suddenly warmed by the feeling of being in his arms.

For a long time that followed, Si Yi did not move, waiting for Yun Jian to fall asleep. She did. She slept soundly.

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Both in her past life and now, Yun Jian kept her guard up all the time, not daring to fall into a deep sleep. It was a secret agent’s huge taboo to sleep like a log. This was what An Hun’s trainer, Lin Wei, who trained Yun Jian back then had said.

As a secret agent, no one could know if the people around them would kill them in a flash. It was unpredictable if they would be assassinated in the middle of the night.

Hence, a slight rustle or sound could wake Yun Jian who was sleeping up. This was already a habit of hers and it had never changed.

This night, however, was the deepest sleep Yun Jian had ever had throughout her past and current life. It seemed that she had never slept without a care since she was abducted by the organization when she was a lot younger in her previous lifetime.


The next day...

Without moving, Si Yi let Yun Jian snuggled him and slept through the night. After he got up, he held her carefully like she was an invaluable treasure and put her down softly. Making sure for the umpteenth time that he did not wake her up, he opened the door and left the room, closing it softly once he was outside.

"Uh... you didn’t leave?!" Just as Si Yi exited Yun Jian’s room, an exclaim came from the back. Turning around, Yun Yi’s shocked face greeted him.

"Mm." Si Yi nodded.

That meant that he slept with his younger sister? The corner of Yun Yi’s lips twitched, impulsively feeling like his baby sister was snatched for some reason. Nonetheless, since it was Si Yi who was doing it, it was fine.

Qin Yirou who had come home with fresh produce from the market was surprised as well. "A-Yi, you didn’t leave? Where did you go last night?"

She thought that he had left with his car.

"Cough, mom, he slept with me last night," Yun Yi told Qin Yirou as he walked over to sling an arm around Si Yi’s shoulders like they were bros.

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