The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 483 - The Basketball Team’s Memorable Match

Chapter 483 - The Basketball Team’s Memorable Match

Qin Yirou gave a slight nod, not at all skeptical, and asked, "Is Xiao Jian awake?"

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"Not yet," Si Yi answered instead of Yun Yi.

"How did you know?" was what Qin Yirou nearly blurted. Si Yi slept with Yun Yi. How was he so sure that Xiao Jian was not yet awake?

Moreover, Yun Jian had never slept in. She used to wake up early for her morning runs and she was still in bed now when it was going to be noon.

Qin Yirou was not clueless. She thought it was a bit strange.

"Cough, we knocked on her door just now. No answer. She’s probably still sleeping." Yun Yi made something up to salvage the situation.

Qin Yirou went along with his words without scrutinizing them. Nodding, she went to the kitchen with her goods from the market and told the boys before she left, "If Xiao Jian wakes up, tell her to go to Feiyan. That girl came to find her early in the morning but Xiao Jian was still sleeping then."

The first day of Lunar New Year was the day for friends and relatives to visit each other and pay a new year greeting.

Zhang Meihua was an elder while Qin Yirou returned to her birth home since she had a divorce. Therefore, family and friends came to Zhang Meihua’s house to pay her a new year greeting on this day instead.

Usually, elderly people were the ones staying home and being visited.

Qin Laiqian and family, on the other hand, had risen bright and early to pay a new year’s blessing to other friends and relatives.

Qin Yirou was divorced, so it was only a matter of course that she cut ties with Yun Gang’s relatives. It would look bad on her if she freeloaded in Zhang Meihua’s house, thus she had gotten up early to help her mother as well.

As she busied about, Ge Junjian who had woken up early for a workout outside had come back and helped her out.

Eleven in the late morning, Yun Jian finally peeled her sleep-glazed eyes open, feeling vertigo hit her once she did before it returned to normal. She really slept like a log.

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Opening the door and going downstairs, lunch was already prepared.

"Haha, Yun Jian, you sleep in on the first day of the new year when you don’t have to report to the troops huh! Heh, come, come, your mom made lunch. You’re the only one missing before we can start!" chirped Ge Junjian.

"Mm." Yun Jian crinkled her eyes and moved to Si Yi when she saw him sitting beside Yun Yi,

Before Yun Jian woke up, there were already several relatives coming to visit them. A few of them had stayed for lunch now as well.

Yun Jian was informed that Lu Feiyan had come for her after she had lunch. She knew that she had slept too soundly last night. This was probably her first time sleeping in so late.

Freshening up, she went out for Lu Feiyan. Without a doubt, Si Yi had gone with her.

Just as they came to Lu Feiyan’s house, Yun Jian saw the girl with a group of friends.

"Xiao Jian!" Lu Feiyan shouted in excitement the moment she saw Yun Jian.

"Mn." Yun Jian walked over with a smile.

The group of people standing beside Lu Feiyan noticed Yun Jian too then.

"Yun Jian! Haha! It’s really you!" Standing nearest to Lu Feiyan was Li Xiangyi and the boys from Xinjiang Town Junior High’s basketball team.

Back when she was just reborn, these people were her first group of friends. When they parted, they made a promise to get into the same senior high school and reunite in Longmen City.

In fact, when Yun Jian came back to town to visit Lu Feiyan, Li Xiangyi and the boys came to see her after they caught the news but missed her unfortunately.

What was certain was that the basketball match Yun Jian had led them in playing back then was still memorable even to this day.

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