The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 484 - Riotous. Her Man

Chapter 484 - Riotous. Her Man

"Mm, you guys are here too?" Yun Jian asked with a raised brow looking at the basketball team who she had not seen for a long time.

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It was the first day of Lunar New Year today. Teenagers their age were usually paying new year blessings and snacking on served goodies following their parents.

It bemused Yun Jian that all of them were not doing that.

"Heh, of course! We stayed home to see you. Yun Jian, do you know how hard it is for us to see you again? You didn’t even tell us when you came back the last time and we made a trip to Lu Feiyan’s house in vain!"

Li Xiangyi was loud and fervent as he spoke looking at Yun Jian, obviously emotional. It was so much so that Si Yi who was standing beside Yun Jian and was a sight to behold himself, was completely ignored.

The young man did not look disgruntled, however. He could see that everyone on the basketball team was only admiring and idolizing Yun Jian.

"Heh heh, we rushed to Lu Feiyan’s house the fastest we could last time when we heard that you came back only to arrive at the news that you just left!" Wu Kui was delighted as well, chorusing beside Li Xiangyi.

From the looks of it, the basketball team was thrilled to see Yun Jian again.

"Xiao Jian, the incident was resolved too. It’s considered an accidental injury on my dad’s part and he compensated alongside the teacher. He’s released from the station now," Lu Feiyan went to Yun Jian and told her about her father’s case after the boys were done.

Lu Feiyan’s father who accidentally caused someone’s death did not have to be jailed as long as he and the other party reached a settlement.

Manslaughter and murder were different offenses of the law. Even if one had to be jailed, it would not extend more than several months. Nonetheless, compensation was inevitable and it was not a small sum.

With the teacher, who ran into Lu Feiyan’s father, having to share the compensation now, the financial burden on Lu Family was definitely lesser than it had been previously. This was the best outcome that Lu Feiyan and her mother could ever hope for.

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"Xiao Jian, my mom told me to make sure to invite you to my house for dinner tonight!" Lu Feiyan invited Yun Jian after that. Her mother’s gratitude was ineffable.

Yun Jian was not one to feign courtesy, so she nodded easily. "Sure."

Since Lu Feiyan’s mother was thankful to her, she would accept it as it was.

Lu Feiyan beamed. "Xiao Jian, thank you so much for the help!"

"Ay, we’re so close, no need to be thanking each other!" Li Xiangyi laughed good-naturedly and dissipated the awkwardness in a flash.

It was only then the boy noticed Si Yi who stood beside Yun Jian and raised his thick brows. He walked over to him while asking Yun Jian, "Oh, ho, ho, who’s this? Yun Jian, an epiphany hit you huh? You’re bringing a boy back?"

As Li Xiangyi spoke, he scanned Si Yi.

"Yeah, who’s he, Yun Jian?" Lu Feiyan who noticed Si Yi who had been quietly asked as well.

The group shifted their gazes to Si Yi swiftly and once they did, they gasped. Si Yi was dashing. It was not an exaggeration to say that those around him paled in comparison to his good looks. Even Li Xiangyi and the other boys could not help taking a closer look at Si Yi despite being the same s.e.x.

"Her man," Si Yi uttered the almost riotous words crisply before Yun Jian could speak up.

Whose man?

Yun Jian’s... man?!

All of them were flabbergasted.

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