The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 485 - The Basketball Court. She’s Back

Chapter 485 - The Basketball Court. She’s Back

Yun Jian had given Si Yi a light shove just as he said that. She smiled at the rest of them, the honeyed tone of it giving her way.

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"Heh heh!" Lu Feiyan was sure that something was going on between Yun Jian and Si Yi just by the look of it, so she sidled up to Yun Jian and asked with a grin, "So Xiao Jian, what happened when I wasn’t around?"

Her Xiao Jian had found a man behind her back!

Yun Jian side-eyed Lu Feiyan and blinked before she smiled. Under the anticipating gazes, she flicked Lu Feiyan’s forehead softly and said, "Guess!"

Lu Feiyan was stunned before she pouted. Words had yet to leave her mouth when Li Xiangyi spoke, "Alright, come on, let’s roam around town! Heh!"

Roam was what he said but Li Xiangyi’s intention was to take Yun Jian to Xinjiang Town’s basketball court and ask her to teach them more basketball tricks and skills while she was still here. It was not hard to see that Li Xiangyi and the boys were avid fans of basketball.

Needless to say, Yun Jian was aware of Li Xiangyi’s thought and cast her gaze down, as if afraid that Lu Feiyan would interrogate her further as she answered promptly, "Mm, let’s go."

She went ahead and marched forward with that. Si Yi followed when he saw her moving away, keeping himself by her side.

"Heh, something’s on between them!" Lu Feiyan giggled at Li Xiangyi before running to catch up with Yun Jian.

Li Xiangyi and the boys rubbed their heads before finally picking up the hint.

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The group went where Yun Jian and Si Yi were walking to and Li Xiangyi jogged to the front to lead the way. Ultimately, they came to the only outdoor fitness space in Xinjiang Town.

It was built near Xinjiang Town’s town council and had a full basketball court, set up especially for basketball and fitness fanatics. The place was fully sponsored by the local government.

"Here, Yun Jian. We haven’t seen you play for so long. Show us something!" Li Xiangyi fished out a basketball from his bulging backpack and passed it to Yun Jian.

There were already numerous people dribbling balls, running, and shooting hoops on the court. The shrieks and cheers of girls could occasionally be heard as well.

It was visible that there was no empty court for Li Xiangyi and friends to play. The basketball court only had four hoops but as they looked over, all four of the hoops seemed to be hogged by members of the same group.

In spite of it, it was not a basketball match. It was just a group of delinquents with tattoos all over them playing casually.

Wen Rui walked over to them after informing Yun Jian and others, wanting to discuss with the delinquents to see if they could let out a hoop, while the rest of them stood waiting.

"Xiao... Xiao Jian?" A male voice filled with disbelief came from their back out of the blue.

Yun Jian who stood beside Si Yi turned around and wore a sharp gaze when she saw who it was.

The person carried a basketball with one hall and hooked a jacket over his shoulder, acting cool in front of the girls. He was Yuan Yingjun who had not made an appearance for a long time! He was also the indirect culprit who caused the death of the original owner of Yun Jian’s body.

Yuan Yingjun was struck with emotions the moment he saw Yun Jian. She was finally back in Xinjiang Town after so long!

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