The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 486 - A Dominant Declaration: She’s Mine

Chapter 486 - A Dominant Declaration: She’s Mine

Before Yun Jian left Xinjiang Town, Yuan Yingjun and Lin Mengyu were Xinjiang Town Junior High’s popular couple, garnering envy and admiration from their schoolmates.

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Despite that, Yuan Yingjun had only gotten together with Lin Mengyu because her father was the school principal. The person he actually liked was Yun Jian.

His initial plan was to date Lin Mengyu and maintained an affair with Yun Jian in secret. He had thought it out well. Yuan Yingjun was going to utilize Lin Mengyu for a smooth-sailing life and ditch the girl once he graduated and had a stable career. By then, he could get together with Yun Jian openly.

Nonetheless, Yuan Yingjun had never stopped to consider if the original Yun Jian had liked him. From what he thought, all the girls liked boys like him.

Before Yuan Yingjun could execute his plan, however, Yun Jian changed. She was no longer like what she used to be! Even then, Yuan Yingjun had only thought that she was playing hard to get. He was the most popular and handsome guy in Xinjiang Town Junior High! He was the best there was among the boys in the school!

How could Yun Jian not like him?

It was until Yun Jian’s repeated ignoring and disregard that Yuan Yingjun felt scared. He assumed that she would forgive him after he broke up with Lin Mengyu. When that failed too, his thoughts strayed from making Yun Jian his!

If a girl’s most treasured v.i.r.g.i.n.i.t.y was taken away by him, Yun Jian would be putty in Yuan Yingjun’s hands. It was just that Yun Jian transferred to another school and left before he could carry out his ploy.

It was not like Yuan Yingjun did not ask for people to look for her after that, however, it was like Yun Jian had disappeared. Since he could not leave Xinjiang Town, he could only let the matter go.

He went on with his life as Xinjiang Town Junior High’s popular guy and basked in the admiration of the girls. All was fine except once he thought about Yun Jian’s overwhelming beauty and delicateness that he had never tasted, he found the girls around him lackl.u.s.ter.

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Today, Yuan Yingjun was meeting up with his friends at the basketball court for a game and acting cool for the girls. Only now to see the person he had been longing for day and night upon arriving!

Hence, Yuan Yingjun abandoned his friends and dashed to Yun Jian.

Raising her gaze at the sound, Yun Jian saw the guy looking at her fervently and frowned in discretion.

"Who are you?" she asked nonchalantly after a glance at Yuan Yingjun. It was not that she had forgotten who he was but she did not want to be acquainted with someone like this.

"Xiao-xiao Jian, you-you... you don’t know me anymore?" Yuan Yingjun looked like he was deeply hurt as he widened his eyes at Yun Jian, his gaze blatantly checking her out.

"Who’s Xiao Jian? Sorry, please call me Yun Jian." Yun Jian glared at Yuan Yingjun. The implication of the firmness in her tone was obvious even to those who were slower.

"Haha, Yingjun, there are girls who don’t like you too huh!" A short guy standing beside Yuan Yingjun teased.

Yuan Yingjun was a narcissist. At the teasing remark, his temper flared. He stretched his hand to pull Yun Jian’s.

"Xiao Jian, stop joking. Where have you been? Day and night, I’ve been missing..."

Before his hand could reach the hem of Yun Jian’s clothes, a big hand with prominent joints came down on Yuan Yingjun’s wrist and grabbed it, stopping his groping hands from landing on Yun Jian’s.

There was fury simmering under Si Yi’s gorgeous face as he blocked Yuan Yingjun’s advance, declaring his position, "She’s mine. What are you?"

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