The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 489 - The Nature Of Trash

Chapter 489 - The Nature Of Trash

Where Brother Hou pointed included Yuan Yingjun and his friends, baffling them.

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Oh no, Brother Hou had probably thought them to be in Wen Rui’s clique! They were doomed!

"Yuan Yingjun, you got us done for!" The short guy standing beside Yuan Yingjun whisper-shouted at him, his tone thick with a grumble.

"It’s not me..." Yuan Yingjun quickly said out of panic, regretting it once the words left him. He had just blurted his true thoughts—he was blaming Yun Jian’s friend for offending Brother Hou and getting involved for talking to her.

The first did not matter much but he would lose his chance if Yun Jian misunderstood that he was blaming her!

"Xiao Jian, I..." Yuan Yingjun struggled to explain.

"Shut up!" He was muted by Yun Jian’s low growl before he could finish.

Yun Jian’s piercing gaze swiped over to Yuan Yingjun, shocking him and causing him to recall the scene where she killed the cobra single-handedly back then, as well as her terrifyingly agile movements.

Yuan Yingjun shuddered.

By then, Brother Hou’s people had caught Wen Rui and moved to encircle Yun Jian and the rest of them. The leader of the hooligans sauntered over as well.

Any part of the body that was exposed on Brother Hou and his gang was covered with ink. They looked intimidating and massive when they ran to surround Yun Jian and her friends, like a group fight scene in movies.

Yuan Yingjun was stunned, gulping a few times. If one were to look closer, his rather long and thin legs could be seen shaking subtly, bouncing like a pair of springs.

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"Heh, so I heard you guys want a hoop from me?" Brother Hou with his black ripped t-shirt and distressed pants was dressed strikingly different from others during this era, and was ambling over to Yun Jian and friends.

Wen Rui was already pinned.

"No... Brother Hou, we weren’t snatching anything from you! We aren’t with them!" The short guy beside Yuan Yingjun explained in fright.

"Shut up!" Brother Hou was checking out Yun Jian then Lu Feiyan with squinted eyes before he turned to roar at the short guy.

The latter actually clammed his mouth shut, trembling in fear.

"Pretty girls, you want to play basketball?" Brother Hou’s gaze turned lecherous from the earlier hostility after taking a good look at Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan.

There was another reason for Brother Hou and his gang to play basketball here. Like Yuan Yingjun and his friends, they were not really here for the game. They just wanted to look cool in front of the girls.

Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan did not even look at Brother Hou properly while the latter clicked his tongue, feeling more intrigued.

"Heh, beautiful, why don’t you two keep me company tonight and I’ll be nice and let you all go?"

The vile words pinched both Yun Jian and Si Yi’s brows together. Before either of them did anything, Yuan Yingjun’s voice rang again.

"As... as long as they are your company tonight, Brother Hou, you’ll let us go?" Yuan Yingjun’s meek voice was heard saying.

He was terrified of Brother Hou, hearing that someone’s fingers were chopped not too long ago because they offended him! He was scared of being embroiled in this mess.

Acting like he was actually related to Yun Jian, Yuan Yingjun turned to her and told her decisively, "Xiao Jian, Brother Hou’s talking to you... Go be his company and we’ll be fine... Don’t worry, I won’t ever despise you for it..."

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