The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 49 - Dongjiang Town’s Basketball Team

Chapter 49 - Dongjiang Town’s Basketball Team

Xinjiang Town was considered one of the bigger towns in Longmen City. There were many village towns in Longmen City and Xinjiang Town was considered to be more developed.

As for the new rock and roll bar that was opened in Xinjiang Town, it was the first one ever in these towns.

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When Yun Jian left her house, it was already 5:50pm. She lived not far from the rock and roll bar, so when she arrived at the entrance it was precisely 6:00pm.

"Hey, Yun Jian, over here!" Yun Jian walked over having seen Li Xiangyi waving his arm at her from a distance away.

"You’re right on the dot huh!" Wu Kui teased Yun Jian after a glance at his watch.

"6 o’clock, I’m not late." Yun Jian pressed her lips together lightly.

"Alright, alright." Li Xiangyi chuckled and pulled the tall handsome boy over to introduce her. "Yun Jian, this is our basketball team captain, Wen Rui. Get to know him!"

Wen Rui was the captain of the basketball team but he had not made an appearance before this.

Glancing at him, Wen Rui was like a ray of sunshine; he looked youthful, appearing cheery and warm.

"Nice to meet you!" Wen Rui was the first to make the greeting.

"Nice to meet you too, I’m Yun Jian." Yun Jian returned the gesture.

"Heh heh, we’re all here. Why are we still at the door? Let’s head in!" Li Xiangyi laughed and entered the rock and roll bar jostling with the other boys in the team.

"Let’s go in too," said Wen Rui with a gentle smile.

It was hard to imagine that a warm radiant boy who exuded the aura of a studious scholar was also the captain of the school’s basketball team.

Nonetheless, it paled in comparison to the mystical encounters that Yun Jian had encountered.

The team headed inside the bar.

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The rock and roll bar lived to its name; with rock and roll as the theme, its interior was fully furnished in a western flair.

There was not a big crowd in the bar at this point in time but there were still guests. After all, the only bar was in Xinjiang Town; people from the neighboring towns who wanted to relax had to come here.

To welcome Yun Jian into the basketball team, Li Xiangyi had already made arrangements earlier and booked a room for the team.

The teenagers were led to the room by a server once they entered the bar.

When they passed by the bar counter, a group of people who were dressed like delinquents blocked their way.

The boy who stood front and foremost and was dressed like a rich brat looked at Wen Rui lazily. There was a sense of hostility in his tone when he said, "Ay, Wen Rui, I heard that your basketball team recruited a new member? A girl, too, ain’t that true?"

There was an apparent halt in Wen Rui’s steps when he saw the boy.

As foes, their eyes were ablaze upon meeting each other.

Wen Rui met the boy’s gaze with equal hostility and spoke through his clenched teeth, "Zhang Jun, leave us alone. I don’t want to quarrel with you today."

The boy named Zhang Jun was from Dongjiang Town, a town next to Xinjiang Town. He was also a ninth grader, attending Dongjiang Town Junior High School.

Coincidentally, Zhang Jun was also the captain of Dongjiang Town Junior High School’s basketball team.

The basketball friendly match that was scheduled a few days from now was between Xinjiang Town Junior High and Dongjiang Town Junior High.

Of course, there were only so many coincidences in this world. Zhang Jun most probably had already known that they were going to throw Yun Jian a welcoming party here and purposely made his way here to "join them".

"Yo, yo, what do you mean? Wen Rui, we’re only here to see your team’s new member. Do you have to be so petty?"

Zhang Jun had a wayward vibe to him as he stretched his neck to scrutinize Yun Jian.

Then, he mocked again. "Oh look, this girl can play basketball too huh? Thin arms, thin legs, she’s pretty though. But don’t tell me that you guys are planning to let this vase play against us in our match? Don’t accuse us of bullying you guys and refuse to acknowledge your defeat then! Tsch, tsch..."

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