The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 490 - Kneeling Yingjun. She’s Yours

Chapter 490 - Kneeling Yingjun. She’s Yours

Yuan Yingjun spoke like he was a couple with Yun Jian and Si Yi was just some irrelevant person.

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What did he mean by asking his girl to keep this Brother Hou person company? Si Yi frowned, his sharp gaze penetrating Yuan Yingjun’s face.

Before Yun Jian replied or Si Yi attacked, Lu Feiyan was cursing angrily at Yuan Yingjun on behalf of Yun Jian. "Blurgh! Shameless, you trash! Don’t talk like Xiao Jian is on your level! You’re unworthy for that!"

Lu Feiyan taking Yun Jian’s side had been a constant since the start.

Her words disgruntled Yuan Yingjun as he glared at her in disgust and spat back, "What are you fussing about? I’m asking Xiao Jian to keep him company, not you! You..."

As they were quarreling, Brother Hou was already gazing at Yun Jian like she was his prize. The blatant burning gaze that roamed all over Yun Jian gave one goosebumps.

Before Brother Hou could watch Yuan Yingjun persuade Yun Jian, Si Yi’s voice was stern and unforgiving when it sounded. "Go die if I hear another word degrading her from you!"

Yuan Yingjun and Brother Hou jolted at the voice before shifting their gaze to Si Yi slowly and were both stunned when they saw him properly. Then, fear, shock, and terror swept over them like a tidal wave.

Somehow, there was a pistol in Si Yi’s hand.

The silver-crafted pistol looked elegant and expensive.

As Si Yi’s lean hand clasped the gun, his finger curled slightly against the trigger.

The muzzle of the pistol was pointed at Yuan Yingjun’s head.

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A pistol! Si Yi had a real gun in his hand!

When Yuan Yingjun and everyone else caught up with the situation, they were simultaneously scared witless.

Si Yi looked nothing older than early twenties but he had a gun! This was something not even ordinary gangsters could usually get their hands on.

Combining the fact with what Si Yi had just said, Yuan Yingjun and his friends were sure that there was no doubt Si Yi would shoot Yuan Yingjun’s head if they dared utter another word that insulted Yun Jian.

Yuan Yingjun gaped but could not speak a single word.

Even Brother Hou’s breath was bated—the only reason he was feared around this town was because his father was a Falcon Hall founding member. Even then, he did not have a pistol!

Compared to these people. Lu Feiyan, Li Xiangyi, and his teammates were frightened as well. They had not expected Si Yi to own a gun! This was smuggled arms!

Before Si Yi did anything drastic, a plop was heard.

Everyone was stunned once more. Yuan YIngjun who had been brimming with confidence just now fell into a kneel toward Si Yi.

"No! Don’t kill me! I’m wrong! I give Yun Jian back to you! She’s yours. I don’t want her anymore! Don’t kill me!" Yuan Yingjun stared at the muzzle of Si Yi’s pistol as he pleaded kneeling down.

Beautiful girls were important to Yuan Yingjun but nothing meant more than his own life. Furthermore, he only wanted to toy with Yun Jian, tossing her away after becoming bored.

Asking him to risk his life for Yun Jian now—was he stupid? He was not, so of course that was impossible!

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