The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 491 - Ask Your Father, I’m Yun Jian

Chapter 491 - Ask Your Father, I’m Yun Jian

"I’ll say it one more time. I’ve never had anything to do with you! How are you even giving me back? Let me hear you spew nonsense again and this will be your end!" Yun Jian took over Si Yi’s pistol, the latter allowing it, before Yuan Yingjun finished crying out.

Yun Jian said what she did and pulled the trigger with her pointer finger, shooting Yuan Yingjun who was kneeled on the ground directly.

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Since it was a pistol with a sound suppressor, there was no worry about a commotion being brought about by the loud bang.

"Ah!" A big guy like Yuan Yingjun screeched from Yun Jian’s sudden shot.

He would never have thought that Yun Jian would snatch Si Yi’s pistol and shoot him!

Brother Hou and others who were standing on the side quivered from the chill. She actually dared fire the gun!

The bullet catapulting from the silenced pistol brushed past Yuan Yingjun’s head just 0.1 centimeter away.


The sound of metal being penetrated was heard.

All of them turned to see that a small hole on the metal fence around the cement floor beside the basketball court was produced by the bullet. There was still a wisp of smoke from the pierced pit.

The sight made them swallow.

If the bullet had not brushed past Yuan Yingjun’s head but had gone right through it... the group shuddered to think about it.

"Ah..." Yuan Yingjun shrieked. His popular guy persona that he usually feigned all disappeared at this moment. Even the few guys who had come with him were surprised by his current loser front.

It did not cross Yun Jian’s mind to kill Yuan Yingjun.

It was the first day of Lunar New Year. She did not want to become a public figure so soon.

Nonetheless, she did not return Si Yi’s gun to him. Tilting to glance at the latter, Yun Jian saw that he was staring at her tenderly, like he would stand behind her and support her unconditionally no matter what she did.

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Pressing her lips together, it felt like a weight was lifted off Yun Jian’s heart.

Shifting her gaze, her eyes were sharp when she looked at Brother Hou. Her cutting gaze scanned the latter, making him shiver.

"You... Why-why are you looking at me like this..." When Brother Hou had looked at Yun Jian like she was a bagged beauty in the beginning, this was no longer the case now.

She fired shots as and when she liked! This was a terrifying woman!

"Your father’s an elder in Falcon Hall? What’s his name?" Yun Jian turned to look at Brother Hou tauntingly.

Her question ran chills down Brother Hou’s back.

"What-what do you want?" Brother Hou was apprehensive, choosing not to answer directly.

"Nothing." Yun Jian twirled the pistol in her hand.

"Looks like you want to have a taste of this gun too?" Yun Jian threatened, enclosing a proper grip around the pistol now.

It put Brother Hou on edge and made him shout, "Duan Lei! My father’s Duan Lei!"

"It’s him?" Yun Jian asked rhetorically with narrowed eyes once she was told the name.

Brother Lei was Duan Lei’s son?

Duan Lei was Xu Zetian’s subordinate and had dealt with Yun Jian. It came as a surprise that an honest and dedicated man like Duan Lei had a brass-necked child like this.

"You know my father?" Brother Hou panicked when Yun Jian looked like she knew his father.

He had done so many misdeeds. His father would kill him if he found out!

"Then who are you?" Brother Hou braved himself to ask in return.

"You can ask your father," Yun Jian answered with a smile, "Remember, I’m Yun Jian."

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